How To Use A Clamp Meter?

So, you have met the clamp meter, the superstar of all multimeters that everyone’s talking about?

And are now looking for a guide that will help you use it properly to measure AC and DC amps?

You want to own it, but it makes sense to first see how the thing works, right?

Well, you have come to the right place. This is the ultimate guide on how to use clamp meter, structured keeping first-time users and beginners in mind.

How to Use Clamp Meter?

Learning how to operate a clamp meter is easy and straightforward. You are already halfway there if you know how to operate a general-purpose multimeter.

But, it is important to know the slight differences between them, which will help you make informed decisions while testing and troubleshooting.

A professional technician knows both how a clamp meter works and how best to use it in a work environment.

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Best Clamp Meters 2019 – Ultimate Reviews & Comparison

Today, owning a clamp meter is like wearing your experience on your sleeve.

People automatically consider you an expert for using an advanced testing tool that takes quick measurements and reduces the overall testing time.

Best Clamp Meter Reviews

Being dependent on that Fluke multimeter that you bought in the previous century is not going to cut it anymore.

You need to work with the times and there are enough reasons to upgrade your toolkit with the best clamp meter.

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How to Choose The Best Clamp Meter?

The mark of a professional electrician is that he upgrades his tools based on latest industry standards.

He keeps himself up-to-date with current news about technologies in the field and tries to incorporate them into his own work.

Anyone can go around with a multimeter but only a proficient electrician will carry and know how to use a clamp meter.

How To Choose Best Clamp Meter?

Clamp meters have been around for years and yet most electricians still depend on the humble multimeter for current measurements.

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