Best Pressure Washers for Small Business

By Bruce RiversLast update: 2024-05-25

Setting up a pressure washing business is surely a task. You often need to start from scratch and take care of everything from permits to a profit model to marketing and sales. But there is one part that doesn’t have to be so hard. Ordering your first professional pressure washer.

Top Pressure Washers for Small Business:

Buying the best pressure washer for your small business should not be a challenge. As long as you know what features and functions matter to you, finding the right tool is just a matter of a click.

Best Pressure Washers for Small Business of 2024
Gas – Powerful
Mi-T-M CWC-3008-4MGH
  • Powerful Honda engine promises optimum performance and efficiency
  • Very high GPM of 8 offers great coverage for commercial cleaning
  • 10+ hours of washing in a single tank fill
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Gas – Great Value
Mi-T-M JCW-4004-2MHB
  • High PSI setting of 4,000 can cut through all kinds of dirt
  • Lightweight body for easy maneuverability and portability
  • Genuine Honda engine gives good fuel efficiency
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Gas – Hot Water
Easy-Kleen Professional 4000 PSI
  • Hot water temperature up to 190 degrees F for better cleaning
  • Genuine Honda engine for max performance
  • Comes with a soap nozzle for advanced cleaning (foam, heat, pressure)
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Gas – Affordable
Pressure Pro E4040HA
  • Uses world-class Annovi Reverberi (AR) pump for unmatched PSI setting
  • Heavy-duty Honda engine gives a horsepower of 13 (max)
  • Comes with 5 quick-connect nozzles for a variety of washing jobs
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Mi-T-M CW-3005-0ME1
  • Electric washer with high GPM of 4.8 (good surface coverage)
  • Comes with 4 quick-connect nozzles
  • Powerful and long-lasting motor
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In this guide, we will take you through some top-rated pressure washer models suited for small businesses.

Top 8 Best Pressure Washers for Small Businesses of 2024

Now that you have a good idea about the things to look for in a commercial pressure washer, let’s get down to the actual product hunt. Here are detailed reviews of eight of the best pressure washers for business. We have selected these based on three vital parameters:

  • Heavy-duty, commercial-grade machinery

  • Long-term warranty and guaranteed durability

  • Economical pricing and best offer by top brands

A good way to use this guide is to base your selection on personal choices. For example, if you have a manufacturer or brand in mind and it has a product on this list, go for it. As you know, brand recall is a very important factor when it comes to professional tools.

Best Electric Pressure Washer for a Small Business

To start, we have selected the top two electric pressure washers in the market right now. Go with any of these two if you are just starting up and are on a low budget.

#1 - Mi-T-M CW-3005-0ME1 Cold Water Electric Pressure Washer

Mi-T-M Corporation is an Iowa-based manufacturer of washers, compressors, and generators. It was founded in 1971. It’s the true Make in America brand that is known to have very high standards for research and testing.

Mi-T-M CW-3005-0ME1 - Best Electric Pressure Washer for Business
  • High PSI setting of 3,000 and GPM of 4.8

  • 10-HP powerful and long-lasting motor

  • Comes with 4 quick-connect nozzles

  • 50-foot marked hose comes with bend restrictors

  • No provision for soap washing

Pressure Washer Review

This one is an electric professional pressure washer with a high PSI of 3,000 and a fan-cooled electric motor. The thermal protection and low maintenance requirement of the motor are bound to give you tension-free operation for years.

It is also extremely easy to set up and use. Simply connect the washer to an external faucet, turn on the machine, and use the trigger gun to spray against a dirty surface.

You can also use the quick connect nozzles that spray out water in different degrees such as 15, 30, and 45. The wand is long enough to keep it away from your person, as well as includes a safety lock. It needs to be pressed to jettison the water.

Together, the 10-HP powerful motor and the 3,000 PSI-capable pump will be a great pick for your business inventory. With this Mi-T-M machine, you can cut through even the most stubborn surfaces filled with dirt, grease, sap, mildew, and oil.

Pro Tip – The CW Series by Mi-T-M is specially designed to get rid of soil from industrial and commercial equipment. If your business focuses on cleaning garages and commercial establishments, this is the best electric pressure washer.

Mi-T-M CW-3005-0ME1 Specifications
PSI (Max)3,000 PSI
GPM (Max)4.8
Power TypeElectric
Electric StartYes
Weight396 lbs.
Warranty2 years

For a small business looking for its first pressure washer, this Mi-T-M model is both an effective and budget-friendly choice. Its powerful motor and pump will last for years. Whereas its high PSI and GPM setting, easy-connect nozzles, and a safe jet wand give total value for money.

#2 - Pressure Pro EE3530G Heavy Duty Professional Electric Pressure Washer

Pressure-Pro, now owned and managed by Nilfisk, was founded in 1994 as a manufacturer of Made in America pressure washers. Since then, it has grown in leaps and bounds and boasts of an eclectic mix of professional tools.

Pressure Pro EE3530G - Affordable Pressure Washer for Small Business
  • 3,000 PSI and 3.5 GPM settings for most types of dirty surfaces

  • Extremely lightweight at 90 pounds

  • Pneumatic tires and shock absorbers make it suitable for all terrains

  • Low horsepower of 7.5

Pressure Washer Review

The EE3530G has the same functions and features as the Mi-T-M model reviewed above. The difference is in the price point. Cheaper than most of its competitors, it boasts of a 3.5 GPM and 3,000 PSI setup that is enough to take care of most types of dirt. Use it to clean a commercial establishment like an auto garage or for household cleaning, you are bound to receive 100% utility from this rugged machine.

The highlight is not just the price point but also the weight and portability. At 90 pounds, it is a lot lighter than most heavy-duty electric pressure washers.

It uses an aluminum frame to reduce the overall weight. This will make it easier to carry around to your client’s sites even if you don’t have a truck. With this affordable pressure washer for small businesses, you can save money on both the tool and a vehicle.

Overall, an economical alternative to our #1 pick that will still be sufficient for all routine business tasks. Get it today!

Pressure Pro EE3530G Specifications
PSI (Max)3,000 PSI
GPM (Max)3.5
Power TypeElectric
Electric StartYes
Weight90 lbs.
Warranty1 year

If you are setting up a small-scale pressure washing business, it makes sense to go with this affordable electric pressure washer. With functions that give out heavy-duty operation, it is a great buy for both domestic and commercial washing activities like washing vehicles, garages, walls, sides, and more.

Best Gas Pressure Washer for Small Business

Upgrade your existing electric pressure washer or get a second one for larger tasks. A gas-powered pressure washer is a must for a business in the United States. Choose any of our four top picks.

#3 - Mi-T-M CWC-3008-4MGH Cold Water Belt Drive Pressure Washer

Another heavy-duty model from Mi-T-M, this time with a 688cc Honda engine.

Mi-T-M CWC-3008-4MGH - Best Pressure Washer for Heavy Duty Cleaning Jobs
  • Powerful Honda engine delivers optimal performance

  • High GPM of 8 – double that of electric models

  • Delivers 10 hours of operation in a single tank fill

  • Four quick-connect nozzles (0, 15, 25, 40)

  • No support for detergent sprinkler

Pressure Washer Review

At first look, this pressure washer may seem similar to the above model. But there are three major differences between this model. The most important difference is the gasoline-powered 688c Honda engine.

Anyone who’s ever worked with washers before knows that Honda engines not only give out the best efficiency and power but also last long. These two factors make it a sought-after quality, something that is missing in the above two models (despite they being electric models).

A more powerful engine means more force. That’s why you get roughly 8 gallons of water per minute. That’s almost double the volume you get from the electric-powered model above. This means more water, more surface coverage, and faster dirt removal.

Lastly, the 13-gallon fuel can run uninterrupted for up to 10 hours. That’s a good amount of running time for the most robust pressure washer for a small business. What more do you want?

Mi-T-M CWC-3008-4MGH Specifications
PSI (Max)3,000 PSI
GPM (Max)8
Power TypeGas
Electric StartYes
Weight408 lbs.
Warranty2 years


This is the best pressure washer for heavy-duty cleaning jobs with its powerful Honda engine, 3,000 PSI setting, and high-volume ejection power of 8 GPM. This is a well-built and strong washer for both commercial and domestic cleaning purposes that also gives full value for money.

#4 - Mi-T-M JCW-4004-2MHB Belt Drive Pressure Washer

The JCW Series by Mi-T-M offers advanced pressure washers with more power and more pressure. This model can be a good addition to your existing kitty once you have started your business. Or you can opt for it while starting out if you have the budget for it.

Mi-T-M JCW-4004-2MHB - Best Pressure Washer for Construction Jobsites
  • High pressure setting of 4,000 PSI

  • Steel body that is heavy-duty

  • Honda engine that is power efficient and will last long

  • Lightweight at roughly 200 pounds

  • No detergent tank

Pressure Washer Review

This is one of those industrial pressure washers that puts all its focus on PSI settings. At 4,000, it can pump through and cut any type of dirty on the face of Earth.

We are talking advanced grease on garage surfaces, sappy and mildew formation on walls and patios, dried-out mud and grass on vehicle tires and chassis, and more. The nozzle settings are the same as its other models.

Another major difference is the steel body that does not vibrate. You can use it for hours at a stretch without getting the engine to heat or the pressure to drop. This is where it showcases the value of all the dollars that you put in it.

The only major drawback – which gets emphasized here – is the missing detergent tank. It’s surprising that a heavy-duty pressure washer for constructions sites like this does not have the function to create foam or lather. But that should not prevent you from considering this for your business tasks.

The high-pressure setting is a must-have if you need to take care of large commercial buildings where the type of dirt contamination cannot be guessed. You need to go with full power.

Mi-T-M JCW-4004-2MHB Specifications
PSI (Max)4,000 PSI
GPM (Max)3.5
Power TypeGas
Electric StartYes
Weight196 lbs.
Warranty2 years


For the higher pressure setting of 4,000 PSI, the extra money that you pour in it makes total sense. Because along with the max pressure, you also get a rugged body that will last for years, a mid-level Honda engine for max efficiency, and an overall workhorse for those long-running tasks.

#5 - Pressure Pro E4040HA Heavy Duty Professional Gas Pressure Washer

This gas-powered pressure washer for professionals is best known for its AR pump, one of the most sophisticated water pumps in the world.

Pressure Pro E4040HA - Best Commercial Pressure Washer under $2000
  • High-quality AR pump

  • 13-horsepower Honda engine

  • 4,000 PSI pressure and 4 GPM volume settings

  • Comes with 5 quick-connect nozzles

  • No detergent tank

Pressure Washer Review

For the hefty price tag, there are a lot of charming features in this gas pressure washer that will make your business tasks a lot easier and more profitable. Starting with the Annovi Reverberi (AV) Triplex plunger pump, the washer is highly reliable for all sorts of tasks. One of the pump’s guarantees is that it will never die on you in the middle of a job.

If the pump efficiency is not enough, you also get a thermo sensor that prevents overheating, a 13-HP Honda engine, 5 quick-connect nozzles, and CARB compliance.

The last one of those is a very critical parameter if you want to start a business in some states in the USA. This will make your paperwork look like a breeze because you would already have equipment that complies with environmental and safety standards.

Moreover, with two large pneumatic tires, padded shock absorbers, and an easy carry handle, this one is also highly portable within an area. Now you would think that all of this increases its overall weight. But that is where it trumps its competitors.

Weight just below 100 pounds, it can be carried around easily. Although, we are not sure if you can do it without the help of a truck.

Pressure Pro E4040HA Specifications
PSI (Max)4,000 PSI
GPM (Max)4
Power TypeGas
Electric StartYes
Weight99 lbs.
Warranty1 year


This is the best commercial pressure washer under $2000 that will set your business right to a great start. It has everything that a small business needs – decent pressure and water volume settings, a Honda engine, AR pump, and accessories to go with all sorts of jobs. Get it today for profits tomorrow!

#6 - Simpson Cleaning ALWB60827 Aluminum Gas Pressure Washer

Simpson Cleaning from the FNA Group is one of the leading manufacturers of pressure pumps and generators in the United States. It boasts of an innovative R&D department and excellent after-sales service, something that has given it a lot of reputation among contractors and professionals.

Simpson Cleaning ALWB60827 - Good Pressure Washer for Small Contractor Cleaning Jobs
  • Honda engine that gives higher power efficiency

  • High settings at 4,200 PSI and 4 GPM

  • Aircraft-grade aluminum body makes it lightweight

  • 13-inch pneumatic wheels make it portable

  • Has a soap tank

  • None

Pressure Washer Review

This affordable pressure washer combines the power of a triplex water pump and the cost-effectiveness of an electric tool. This is why you can pull out maximum utility from its build, and thanks to Simpson’s reputation, you can depend your entire business on it.

The 4,200 PSI and 4.0 GPM rating aside, what we really like in this pressure washer is its PowerBoost technology. Just switch it on via the trigger gun and the pump pushes out 2x more water. This is extremely useful while cleaning surfaces that require a lot more cutting pressure and chafing. For a business that deals with different types of dirt, this is a no-brainer.

The build of this tool is another plus point. The full aluminum frame gives you portability while the barebones built makes it easier to maintain, dust, and repair when needed. This is the type of machine that professionals love because they can take care of it by themselves. No need for external support.

But even if you need such support, Simpson Cleaning will be at your doorstep. It has a fantastic customer support team that will guide you in the right direction and help with the warranty.

Simpson Cleaning ALWB60827 Specifications
PSI (Max)4,200 PSI
GPM (Max)4.0
Power TypeGas
Electric StartYes
Weight161 lbs.
WarrantyUp to 5 years


At such an economical price, this Simpson model is a bona fide pressure washer for small contractor cleaning jobs. At 4,200 PSI and 4 GPM and the presence of a detergent tank for foaming, it can cut through all forms of dirt from all corners of your clients offices, vehicles, and homes. A great buy for cost-conscious businesspersons.

Best Hot Water Pressure Washer for Small Business

The last two picks on our list are the most recommended pressure washers for small power washing businesses. They use hot water for added intensity when cutting through dirt of all types. They work better on grease and oily surfaces.

#7 - Easy-Kleen Professional 4000 PSI (Gas - Hot Water) Pressure Washer

Easy-Kleen is a Canadian manufacturer and is internationally known for its long-lasting pressure washers.

Easy-Kleen Professional 4000 PSI - Best Pressure Washer for Commercial Use
  • Uses heated water to clean surfaces

  • Genuine Honda engine for max power

  • Strong pump gives 4,000 PSI pressure

  • Comes with 4 nozzles and 1 soap nozzle

  • Heavy at 400 pounds

Pressure Washer Review

This Easy-Kleen Professional comes with a 12V burner that is responsible for heating the water in the tank. It can generate heated water to the tune of upwards of 150-degree Fahrenheit, which is a lot of heat to help you in your washing jobs. As you may know, the trinity of pressure, foam, and heat can have a tremendous effect on all sorts of surfaces, no matter what the dirt is.

That is why this becomes the best pressure washer for commercial use. As a business, you can’t anticipate what kind of oily surface you are going to deal with.

Well, with this pressure washer, you can take on all sorts of washing jobs. Get ready to invite a lot more clients when you market your business with this gas-powered beast.

Other specifications include 4,000 PSI, 3.5 GPM, a 10-gallon fuel tank for long-running operations. It’s a complete package that comes with excellent after-sales service from Easy-Kleen.

Easy-Kleen Professional 4000 PSI Specifications
PSI (Max)4,000 PSI
GPM (Max)3.5
Power TypeGas
Electric StartYes
Weight400 lbs.
Warranty2 years


If buying a hot water pressure washer is a default decision for your business, this should be your priority. It’s affordable, comes with a heavy-duty frame and functionality, and will last you for years with basic periodic maintenance.

#8 - Mi-T-M HSP-3504-3MGH Hot Water Gasoline Direct Drive Pressure Washer

By now, you must have realized how much we swear by Mi-T-M as a manufacturer of good-quality pressure washers. Much like its electric and gas-powered machines, this hot water model is also terrific in what it promises and does.

Mi-T-M HSP-3504-3MGH - Hot Water Pressure Washer for Small Business
  • Maximum temperature of 200 degrees Fahrenheit

  • Genuine Honda engine for max power efficiency

  • 4 quick-connect nozzles for superior washing

  • No detergent nozzle/tank

Pressure Washer Review

This is less expensive than the Easy-Kleen model but gives an equally powerful punch to your cleaning tasks. Equipped with a hot water tank that can gush out heated water at 3,500 PSI at 3.3 gallons per minute, this HSP model is capable of heating water up to 200 degrees F. That’s slightly higher than what the Easy-Kleen model above can do.

Other functions remain the same: a Honda engine with 10 horsepower, 4 quick-connect nozzles, and a 50-foot hose for tasks that are away from your water source. The build is also very compact, which we like. Compared to large models, this one is easier to carry and move around. However, you will still need a truck to take this from site to site.

While there is no difference in the max temperatures or other features, we feel this low-cost alternative is better considering Mi-T-M has nationwide customer support.

Mi-T-M HSP-3504-3MGH Specifications
PSI (Max)3,500 PSI
GPM (Max)3.3
Power TypeGas
Electric StartYes
Weight428 lbs.
Warranty2 years


If you are looking for an affordable hot water pressure washer for a small business that has all the essential functions and features, buy this. The 200-degree F max temperature, genuine Honda engine, and high PSI rating together make it a worthwhile purchase.

How to Choose a Pressure Washer for a Small Business?

Before you fix your choice of a pressure washer, make sure you read up about its basic functions and features. A quick search on our website will throw some great tips to help you understand the machine first.

Knowing the type, critical functions, extra features, and warranty information is important. This is because, compared to a tool for domestic use, as a business, you will be using your pressure washers daily. There is a need to look for commercial-grade equipment that is both efficient and long-lasting.

In that regard, here are some top-level clues to help you simplify your purchase process.

How to Choose a Pressure Washer for a Small Business

Pressure Washer Type – Hot Vs Cold

Go for hot water pressure washers to get rid of the most stubborn of dirt such as sap, grime, and grease. Such pressure washers heat the water to combine the effect of heat, lather, and pressure. A good example is the Easy-Kleen Professional that we have reviewed below at #7.

On the other hand, cold water washers splash out regular cold water supplied from your garden hose with added pressure. The 40 PSI pressure is converted into upwards of 1,000 PSI. Most of the tools featured in our buying guide are in the range of 3,000 PSI and 4,200 PSI.

Ideally, get one of each for your business so that you can use the relevant one depending upon the type of job.

Type of Motor

In the debate between belt-driven and direct-drive motors, the latter provide higher power efficiency and are easier to maintain. Belt-driven motors are economic but tend to make a lot of noise. Moreover, their maintenance can cut a hole in your pocket.

Power Type

Both gas-powered and electric pressure washers have their sets of pros and cons (as you will find in the reviews below). Electric ones are great for domestic use due to their low-cost maintenance, higher efficiency, and low overall cost. Therefore, we recommended gas-powered washers that are more powerful but which come with a higher price tag and maintenance downside.

As with the washer type, we recommend buying one of each.

Portable Vs Stationary

Portable pressure washers are lightweight, and thus, easier to carry around. A customer rings you for a quick job, and you can head their way in your station wagon. The alternative is a heavy, advanced version that may require a pick-up truck for transportation.

If you are starting up, it makes sense to go with either a portable machine or a cross between the two that is lighter (less than 150 pounds).


Pound per square inch (PSI) is the force with which water is ejected out of a washer. GPM, on the other hand, is the amount or volume. It stands for gallons per minute.

Both the metrics are important for your business. But if you were to choose one, we would recommend focusing on PSI. More than the water quantity, it is the added pressure that cuts through the dirt. To your advantage, most high-end pressure washers with high PSI will also have a decent GPM rating.

Miscellaneous Functions and Features

Watch out for the following parameters when finalizing your purchase:

  • Pressure adjustment (speed control)

  • Flow control

  • Nozzle variants

  • Soap dispenser

  • Hose length

  • Motor and pump manufacturers

  • Warranty information

  • Accessories

While all of them are important, as a business, pay attention to warranty information and manufacturers. You want your products to last very long. Sure, you can cut corners but not when you are buying the most important part of your business.

In addition to durability and warranty, ask yourself a question: What type of cleaning services am I going to provide?

Indoor and outdoor dirt are poles apart. So, you need to base your purchase on the type of cleaning you are going to do. For example, if you are planning to provide cleaning services to commercial establishments like restaurants (kitchens), auto garages, and factories, go for a high-powered, high-PSI machine. An electric, portable washer won’t be enough.

The Best Pressure Washers For Small Business

We hope this guide has directed you to the best pressure washer for business that you were looking for. While there are tens of different models in the US market today, our goal was to show you how to pick the ideal one for your specific needs. We understand that no two businesses are alike, and for that reason, we have listed the eight best commercial-grade pressure washers.

If you are still in a dilemma as to which one to go with, here are our top three recommendations:

  1. Easy-Kleen Professional 4000 PSI – Best overall with heated water, Honda engine, and 4,000 PSI rating

  2. Mi-T-M CWC-3008-4MGH – Gas-powered beast for long-lasting performance

  3. Mi-T-M CW-3005-0ME1 – Electric alternative for small-scale businesses

Let us know which pressure washer you bought and if it has met your business expectations fairly.

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