About Us

Laser Level Hub is a leading product review website that provides a professional assessment of the best laser levels for builders and remodelers who want to save time and avoid the hassle while buying.

Whether you want to invest on a heavy-duty laser level or are looking for construction improvement tools or related gear to assist in a project, our in-depth guides and reviews will help you buy the best. We help you make wise decisions.

Founded in 2015 by industry stalwart Bruce M. Rivers, we are a small team of experts with a keen eye for technical details. We strive to provide the best judgments when it comes to laser levels and related equipment such as multimeters and rotary tools.

How We Rate And Review Tools

Our engineers run rigorous tests in the most severe conditions to check the features and high claims made by brands. Since Laser Level Hub is an independent website we take our objective views very seriously and stand by them.

Our reviews are highly detailed. We focus on everything from product features to build quality to price to brand warranty to customer support – so that you are privy to all the details of a product.

We understand your specific and diverse requirements, which is why we tailor our reviews for all types of users – both beginners and professionals.

Our easy buying guides and comparison charts have helped countless builders and developers make decisions about their purchase. Because all details are presented in a simplified manner, our guides and reviews will make it easier to select the product that is most ideal for you.

Apart from users looking to buy such products, we also cater to brands who look for our constructive feedback to improve their product, its design, and engineering.

About Bruce M. Rivers

Our founder Bruce M. Rivers is a reputed tool trader who has years of experience using and dealing with construction tools. As a remodeling enthusiast, his experience and a penchant for all things gadgets have heavily influenced how we approach reviewing products.

Under his guidance, our product review writers have evolved into testers who are capable of writing critical reviews that are unbiased, helpful, and constructive.

Mr. Rivers is also passionate about DIY and hiking, and spends his spare time learning the recent trends and news in the world of power tools.

With Laser Level Hub you will never buy a bad product. So, stay connected with us. We are also present on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram where we post interesting content every day.