Top 6 Best Power Drills For Home Use

By Bruce RiversLast update: 2024-07-22

These days when you visit a tools shop, you will find a plethora of powerful power drills in various shapes and sizes. Making you gasp at your own inability to choose the best.

Today we are going to get into the depths of the best power drills, their different types and features, along with a basic buying guide.

Top 6 Picks for Best Power Drills:
Best Power Drill Reviews

This easy guide – intended for home users – will take you through six of the best drill brands for home use, along with quick expert power drill reviews each containing a list of pros and cons.

To start off, here’s a list of the top rated power drills available in the market today. We have selected these six from across several hundred models of different types and brands.

If any of these has got your fancy, go ahead and read their detailed power drill review below.

Best Power Drills For Home Use
Best cordless drill
  • Brushless motor with high torque for heavy tasks
  • Built-in LED to aid in dark work areas
  • Compact, lightweight, easy to use
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Best corded drill
  • 8-amps motor for heavy-duty applications
  • Variable speed with a sensitive trigger for easy handling
  • Exceptionally portable
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Best impact driver
  • Compact size (2.8 lbs.) makes it apt for operation in tight areas
  • Maximum 20V-motor for heavy-duty activities
  • Single-LED bulb for visibility in dark areas
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Best hammer drill
Makita XPH07Z
  • 3-stage LED bulb on both sides of the drill for better visibility
  • 2-speed transmission for various applications
  • Large side gripe for more control
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Best rotary hammer
Bosch RH328VC
  • Active vibration control for easier handling
  • 3 different modes and 12 different positions
  • Supports SDS+ bits
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Best Right-Angle Drill
Makita DA3010F
  • Good speed option at 2400 RPM
  • Slender built to aid operation in the tightest areas
  • Paddle switch to prevent overtightening of screws
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Now that you know our picks for the top power drills, here’s a little bit more information about them.

Our in-house experts have vigorously tested the aforementioned six models in the harshest of conditions to find out their pros and cons. Don’t forget to read the final verdict after each power drill review.

These reviews will give you a closer look into the power drills and tell you what’s behind those shiny packaging that they usually come with.

Best Power Drill Reviews 2024

Here are the detailed reviews of best power drills to buy:

#1 - Best Cordless Drill: DEWALT DCD777C2 20V Max Drill Driver

Best Cordless Drill: DEWALT DCD777C2 20V Max Cordless Drill Driver
Best Cordless Drill: DEWALT DCD777C2 20V Max Cordless Drill Driver
  • Cordless, lightweight and portable
  • Brushless motor for higher work and power efficiency
  • Built-in white LED
  • Rechargeable Lithium-ion batteries
  • One year of free service from DeWalt with a total of a three-year warranty
  • Chuck sometimes releases automatically
  • No battery indicator
  • Poor handle design can lead to wrist straining

Product Overview

This mid-priced model from DeWalt is the best cordless drill in the market right now. We say that because it comes with all the kinks of a high-end power drill without the issues that usually accompany one.

We are talking a high-powered brushless driver that supplies enough torque (at 110 volts) for all your home-based drilling, driving, and impact driving activities; a built-in white LED that makes it easier to work in dark areas; and an extra fast-charging Lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery for use in emergency situations.

Brushless motors are power efficient, which means it will be a while before you run out of juice with this model as well as other cordless ones on this list. But if you still do, the high-speed charger will come to your rescue.

Our tests concluded that the charger takes just about an hour to charge a single Li-ion unit completely.

The DeWalt DCD777C2 is designed for a home user. With its ergonomic design (check out the handle) and a compact built, beginners can get used to it no time. Because it is only 2.5 pounds in weight, it is easier to carry it around from your garage to your backyard.

However, for all its good points, we observed that the chuck (cylindrical clamp) sometimes releases automatically in the middle of the job. And that is perhaps the only real downside we see in this well-built model.


The high torque from its brushless motor makes this DEWALT DCD777C2 Brushless Drill Driver an apt choice for the home user or DIYer who needs to get routine as well as advanced drilling and driving tasks done in and around a house or office.

#2 - Best Corded Drill: DEWALT DWD115K Mid-Handle Grip Drill

Best Corded Drill: DEWALT DWD115K VSR Mid-Handle Grip Drill Kit
Best Corded Drill: DEWALT DWD115K VSR Mid-Handle Grip Drill Kit
  • 8.0 amperage powerful motor
  • Lightweight
  • Ultra-sensitive trigger response with variable speed option
  • Horizontal and vertical level adjacent to the drill bit
  • The carrying case is not good quality

Product Overview

For some people, the need to charge the batteries of their power tool in the middle of a task can be quite annoying. And it can get worse if there is no auxiliary battery with full charge ready.

For such people, let us introduce the corded alternative for the above model – the fantastic DeWalt DWD115K that comes with a host of more exceptional features.

Starting with its awesome ultra-sensitive trigger response (that ironically and incorrectly makes some users assume it to be badly designed), this handheld power drill works on a motor with an amperage of 8.0. It is enough to carry out most of the tasks at hand in a household or even in a small-scale shop.

The middle-handle further makes it a great fit for a seasoned user. Because working with this corded DeWalt model feels like you are pounding some raw energy to the work, it is preferred by most professional handymen.

With a maximum speed of up to 2500 RPM, horizontal and vertical level support, variable-speed trigger, and a lightweight frame of just 4.1 pounds, it is inarguably the best power drill for small- and medium-sized repair works.


Perfect for both handymen and home users who do not want the trouble of recharging their batteries, this DeWalt DWD115K is a sure-shot winner in all departments. Use it for routine home and office repairs as well as for building things that you love. Its strong motor will not disappoint you.

#3 - Best Impact Driver: DEWALT DCF787C1 Cordless Impact Driver

Best Impact Driver: DEWALT DCF787C1 Cordless Impact Driver
Best Impact Driver: DEWALT DCF787C1 Cordless Impact Driver
  • Lightweight and portable at 2.8 lbs.
  • Higher visibility with a brighter single-LED bulb
  • Brushless motor gives 57% better power efficiency (than competing models)
  • No variable speed function

Product Overview

This cordless impact power drill is best for people who deal with a variety of jobs. Want to get the fence around your house fixed? This will do it. Want to redo your sofa-cum-bed and get rid of those old nuts and bolts using the impact function? This will do it.

Consider it as a distant cousin of the first DeWalt model on this list, and add the features of an LED bulb, 20V max power output, and brushless motor with a power efficiency of 57% (claimed by the manufacturer). And you get this model.

During our tests, we also found that this model has better battery charge retention than the first model, but that’s a feature of the quality battery. When it comes to torque, the DCD777C2 wins hands down.

This DeWalt power drill driver also comes with a soft case and a really good charger (no extra battery) to take care of your needs on the go. There is no variable speed switch but for the seasoned repairman that you are it shouldn’t be a problem.


Use this DEWALT DCF787C1 Cordless Impact Driver if you anticipate working in hard-to-reach, tight areas. The small built with a very lightweight frame will help you move around without straining your wrist. Although it is intended for all types of users, don’t expect it to take ultra-heavy chores like removing lug nuts.

#4 - Best Hammer Drill: Makita XPH07Z Cordless 1/2" Hammer Driver-Drill

Best Hammer Drill: Makita XPH07Z Cordless 1/2" Hammer Driver-Drill
Best Hammer Drill: Makita XPH07Z Cordless 1/2" Hammer Driver-Drill
  • 3-stage, two-way LED lighting
  • Battery level indicator
  • Side gripe for better handling of the drill
  • 2-speed transmission (0-55- RPM; 0-2100 RPM)
  • Users have complained about the battery charger (inefficient)

Product Overview

If you are looking for a hybrid of a general-purpose drill and a hammer, then you are going to be content with this Makita model.

Although slightly heavier than the three models reviewed above – at about 6 pounds per unit without the battery – the Makita XPH07Z hammer drill boasts of a 3-stage, two-way LED bulb, a 2-speed transmission, a strong side gripe, and a near noiseless motor.

For anyone who has even a modicum of doubt about this monster of a power drill, they can imagine why Makita had to attach a mighty side gripe to it. There is no way you can charge this drill at the maximum speed of 2100 (max.) without holding the gripe. And that there is Makita for you.

It has incredible power and is perhaps the most strapping power drill on this list. Despite being run on batteries, it still outpaces the second DeWalt model (the DEWALT DWD115K).

We are especially in love with the two-way light because sometimes you need to see the work area more clearly to get a better output.


Use this Makita XPH07Z for your biggest projects and there won’t be a scratch on this cordless hammer drill that is built and designed like a war tank. It’s heavy-duty, it’s durable, and it’s for all those jobs that require you to be more percussive. Even the oldest concrete blocks will bend their knees in front of this beast.

#5 - Best Rotary Hammer: Bosch Rotary Hammer RH328VC

Best Rotary Hammer: Bosch Rotary Hammer RH328VC
Best Rotary Hammer: Bosch Rotary Hammer RH328VC
  • Active vibration control
  • 12 different drill positions, 3 modes
  • 360-degree auxiliary handle
  • 3-finger trigger with variable speed
  • None

Product Overview

Also called a Bosch hammer, this little beast provides full value to your money. It is one of the strongest power drills we have ever tested that can drill through very hard materials like concrete, hard rock, stones, and even bricks. So, if you have jobs that involve such materials, there is nothing more to think about.

This corded Bosch model comes with three modes – hammer only, rotary hammer, and rotation only. This, along with 12 different positions, makes it the best versatile model for the home user as well as the advanced handyman.

There is no job that this hammer drill cannot complete except for drilling through wood. According to the manufacturer, this drill is “just too powerful for wood”. And we concur.

However, the best feature that our testers found in this Bosch power drill is the support for Slotted Drive System (SDS+) bits that are a modern, better alternative to old metal chuck bits.

If you are someone who strives to own the best and most modern piece of equipment, then this is the one to take home today.


Everything comes together in this Bosch hammer drill RH328VC, making it the go-to power tool for both seasoned users as well as beginner home users who want to get all types of repairs done. Bosch never disappoints.

#6 - Best Right-Angle Drill: Makita DA3010F Right Angle Drill

Best Right-Angle Drill: Makita DA3010F Right Angle Drill
Best Right-Angle Drill: Makita DA3010F Right Angle Drill
  • High speed of up to 2400 RPM
  • Paddle switch for speed limit control
  • Reversible and reverse control
  • Low-power motor with 4.0 amps
  • Keyed chuck is old-fashioned and inconvenient

Product Overview

Most right-angle drills that we tested had some or the other shortcomings that prevented us from adding them to this list. But not this Makita model that has been designed keeping everything – EVERYTHING – in mind. See how…

Its maximum speed is the second-highest on this list at 2400 RPM, which will have some takers we are sure. But, don’t worry – because while you are working on a job and want to limit the throttle, there’s the paddle switch that will come pretty handy.

It also does not jerk while operating, making you feel that you are not even holding anything. While the slightly heavier frame (3.1 lbs.) might remind you that, we are definitely not complaining.

It has trigger pressure control, has the option to reverse the rotation, and has a shock-proof LED bulb below the drill for convenient lighting. Apart from the motor with 4.0 amps and the keyed chuck, there is absolutely nothing we found short in this brilliant piece of Makita technology.


There is absolutely nothing to crib about in this Makita DA3010F right-angle drill that has been built like a mechanical companion every person should own. It’s not only good-looking but also delivers the best performance in the history of a right-angle drill. Keep the ignorable drawbacks aside and get this one today!

Power Drill Features You Should Know

Just like the types of power drills, there are various features that manufacturers add to their models to attract users.

In most cases, these features are added because of community demand. For example, the built-in LED became a common feature because of the need for mechanics to work in dark areas and nooks. Slowly, as technology evolved so did the consumer requirements.

Top Power Drill Features

And today we have some of the hottest features on a regular tool like a power drill. Here’s a closer look at what the market has in store for us when it comes to drilling and driving. You may be surprised to read about some of the most abstract features here.

A list of some of the most coveted features in a power drill (in no specific order):

  • Built-in Light – A basic light system to aid in operation in darker areas is a default feature these days. This is usually a bunch of small white LEDs fixed under the chuck panel
  • Built-in Level – This is a nifty feature because it does two jobs using a single tool. Never will you mess up your levels during work especially in carpentry and masonry
  • Reverse Mode – A switch to trigger the motor in both clockwise and anti-clockwise directions. Most modern power drills have this feature
  • Speed Range – While most drills have trigger-response speed control, the toggle switch is better
  • Clutch – This is a switch button adjacent to the chuck that allows you to disengage the chuck/bit from the motor. Very helpful when you are done with drilling a hole or screwing a nut and want to stop the bit/driver from revolving
  • Charging Platform – If you are a loyalist of a brand, consider investing in a charging dock for all your tools. If you prefer a cordless power drill, this is a must-have
  • Accessories and Attachments – Depending upon the applications, there are various types of attachments that one can complement their power drill. This can range from a simple pointer tool to a full-blown chisel for chafing purposes.

While the ones listed above are found in most modern power drills, it is a good idea to aim higher and look for exclusive features offered by certain brands.

When it comes to power tools, there are some manufacturers who invest in R&D and put out quite interesting features. For instance, DeWALT is an American brand that always questions the status quo and comes up with inventive features like the ones we discussed above: LED bulb, cushion support in the handle, self-leveling support to name a few.

How to Buy the Best Power Drill?

Now that you have a pretty good idea about some of the features to have in your ideal power drill as well as the top brands that manufacture it, here’s a short buying guide.

How To Buy A Power Drill

This will highlight a few points that are essential to be considered while you make your online purchase. Even if you decide to skip one or two feature, we recommend you to consider these pointers carefully.

  • Power Supply – While corded drills are more powerful and efficient, their cordless contemporaries beat them out in the convenience and portability departments
  • Chuck Capacity – It varies depending upon the usage. Most common chuck size is 3/8th of an inch (diameter). While small and lightweight models go for 1/4th of an inch, heavy-duty ones can go up to half an inch. It is also known as drill size. Modern power drills have keyless chucks
  • Built – A T-shaped body is considered the best built for a power drill as it balances the tool and adds precision to your work
    • Handle – Pistol grip or T-handle, you must opt for the tool that you are most comfortable with. While both these types have their own advantages, it is up to the end user – you – to make the final choice. Most modern cordless power drills have T-shaped handles
    • Grips – Cushions and contoured grips are most ideal
  • Speed – Calculated in revolutions per minute (RPM), the speed of a power drill is a core deciding factor in both drilling and driving. Higher the speed the lower the tool’s ability to deliver the torque. This is one of the reasons why mechanics look for speed when it comes to power drivers. There are also models that provide variable speeds to match to specific applications. One of the Makita models on our list has the super-high speed of 2400 RPM
    • Variable Speed – This option is especially useful if you intend to work on different types of surfaces (wood, concrete, etc.)
  • Power – Compare this with speed. Advanced users will prefer high power drills as compared to homeowners for whom drills with low power will be enough for routine home tasks and shop use
    • Corded/Cordless – When opting for cordless power drills, make sure you check the type of batteries. These days, Nickel-Metal-Hydride (NiMH) batteries are preferred over Nickel-Cadmium (NiCad) and Lithium-ion (Li-ion) ones because of their longevity and capacity
  • Chargers – When looking for chargers, don’t get swayed over by claims such as “quick charge” or “charges in 30 minutes” because these scenarios are not idle. Instead look for temperature sensors and feedback circuitry that aid in extending the life of batteries.

These parameters are essential in your quest to getting the best power drill. Use the power drill reviews above to make your final choice. And then let us know what you think about your purchase in the comments section below.

Which Is The Best Power Drill For Home Use?

The key to find the most suitable power drill to buy is matching your tool with the job.

Here’s a quick description of what you should aim for depending upon your requirement.

Basic activities like hanging pictures on a wall, removing door hinges, and woodwork.

You can opt for entry-level cordless power drills but make sure they have keyless chucks and variable speed - Check the DeWalt DCD777C2 20V Max Drill Driver

Intermediate activities like building railings/fence, making furniture, installing drywall.

You can opt for tools that have at least 10V power and a slightly heavier built. Go for T-handle, variable speed, and if possible, electric corded models

Heavy-duty activities like masonry, deck installation, and landscaping.

You should opt for drills with at least 12V power and which has a heavier built with good handle support. The Bosch RH328VC and Makita XPH07Z hammer drills are apt for this type of jobs.

Note: Make sure you use the right type of drill bit or driver before starting the work.

Power Drill FAQs

A list of frequently asked questions and answers about power drills to help you make a wiser purchase.

How much does a power drill cost?

The cost of power drills ranges from $50 to $400. There are also heavy-duty models that go beyond $500.

Can a power drill be used as a screwdriver?

Yes. Most power drills can be used as a driver.

How long does it take to charge a power drill battery?

It depends on the type of battery. Regardless, it can take anywhere from 15 minutes to 3 hours to charge one whole cycle of a battery.

How to change a power drill bit?

If the power drill has a keyless chuck, it can be changed using your hand. Just rotate the chuck to loosen it and attach the new bit. In case of a keyed chuck, you will need a slender, metal key to "key" the chuck open.

What is the difference between brushed and brushless motors?

Brushless motors have the copper windings on their stationary part (stator) resulting in "no contact" during operation. This ensures less wear and tear between the rotor and the stator. The opposite is true for brushed motors.

Does overcharging of battery affect its health?

Yes. It results in a decreased cycle life of the battery.

Can I use an impact driver as a drill?

Yes, but make sure you use impact-ready bits.

Can I use a Makita battery with my DeWalt unit?

No. It is recommended that you use the battery that came in with your unit.

What are some safety rules to follow while operating a power drill?

Use industry-grade hand gloves and goggles to cover your hands and eyes respectively; do not use a new tool directly on a new job (first test it out on the shop); use only appropriate drill bits/drivers to avoid damage to the tool.

What attachments can I add to my power drill?

Depending upon the make and model of your power drill, you can add the most common types of attachments to it. For more information, check the user manual.

Where can I find more information about power drills?

The Power Tool Institute (PTI) is a great place to start with power tool safety resources, information and education.


Since there are different variations of a power drill, it becomes challenging to choose the best one that will cater to all your needs. Which is why we came up with these six great models that you can choose from depending upon your specific requirements.

Nonetheless, if we had to choose one best power drill for home use out of this list it would be the DeWalt DCD777C2. For a home user who does occasional jobs and repair work, it comes across as a sufficient hand tool that keeps up its reputation.

Best Overall
DEWALT DCD777C2 20V Max Lithium-Ion Brushless Compact Drill Driver
DEWALT DCD777C2 20V Max Lithium-Ion Brushless Compact Drill DriverBest Power Drill For Home Use

If in the future there comes a need for more versatility, you can always get some attachments. Because that’s the best part about DeWalt and the other brands featured on this list. You can customize them according to your needs.

We hope this guide has given you enough information before you finalize your power drill purchase. In the rare case we missed any point that you might be looking for, just let us know in the comments. Our in-house experts will address your concerns immediately.

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