What To Do When Your Laser Level Stops Working?

Laser levels can be considered complicated devices, especially if you are new to the experience of using the device or a new model.

When the unit stops working of malfunctions in the middle of your work, it can really cause undue stress and unnecessary delays.

There are tricks that you can do to solve the issues before sending it for professional repair.

What to do when laser level stop working

Laser level stops working

First, check the power source. If you’re using standard alkaline batteries, use a new set.

Try standard batteries if you are using rechargeable batteries, but only if the device comes with this feature. You may also plug it into the main adapter to check if it’s working.

Try connecting the laser device to a DC power source or external power supply. Always make use of the combined AC/DC converter and charger provided with the equipment. Using other materials might lead to permanent damage.

Then, check your manual or instruction book for troubleshooting tips to handle simple issues. If the problem persists, contact the laser level manufacturer. Contact details are usually found inside the carry case.

The manufacturer usually has a better understanding of the device than the supply outlet where you purchased it from and you may be given instructions on how to solve the problem without necessarily sending the product back.

Leveling malfunction

If alignments or leveling is not properly set, it surely will affect your output.

Check the placement of your device. The laser level should never be placed on a surface with heavy vibrations or in areas where heavy machinery is being operated.

What to do when laser level stop working: Leveling Malfunction

The unnecessary vibrations can significantly affect the leveling or alignments giving you unsteady unreliable lines.

Be sure to place your laser level on a firm surface on a tripod stand or via pole leveling. It can also be mounted on the wall.

Laser beam is not visible due to bright light

Sunlight or bright light may make the laser level beam invisible to the eyes. To address this, use a laser detector which can make the beam visible amidst the bright environment.

The combined use of laser level detector and the laser level can yield to more accurate leveling.

Laser detector
Laser detector allows for detection of laser beams in difficult light conditions

If the laser level device placement is above the head level, the detector needs to be adjusted to a high level for best results.

Laser is not rotating

First, check if the head still spins by hand. The head gears could be jammed or the compensator (vial) is already defective.

Be sure that the device is also completely leveled. Note for loose connections from a fall.

If the problem persists, bring the device to a repair center. A lot of laser level dealers diagnose the unit for free.

Remote control dysfunction

Understand that the remote control functions only with a direct, uninterrupted line of vision from the remote sensor to the sensor in your laser level.

It doesn’t function when there is any blockage or interrupting object in between.

Also, use the remote control within the specified range and change the batteries regularly when required.

Mishandled and dropped laser level

When the laser level unit is dropped or mishandled, the unit may lose all of its settings or the unit may possibly be damaged.

Perform a horizontal plane calibration test to check if the laser is still functioning properly. Conduct a calibration test as well to check whether the device is working as it should.

If there are any defects or problems observed after these, consider seeking professional help.

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The device is not responding or immediately shuts down

If the laser level device cannot perform rotary functions, check the unit thoroughly. Check the joint of the rotary for any corrosion. In cases of corrosion, apply some anti-corrosion ointment to clean it.

When the problem persists, it may be due to a motor issue which needs replacement. You need to send it to the service center for professional repair or replacement. Check if the unit is still within the warranty period.

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There are minor problems that you can usually encounter with the use of your device which needs adjustments to make it functional again.

It’s important to equip yourself with basic troubleshooting tips and tricks along with proper maintenance of the device to keep it working, such as keeping it in a cool dry place, proper cleaning and regular calibration.

If the laser level still fails to function after trying simple troubleshooting techniques, call the manufacturer or service center for advice or bring the device in for further repair or replacement.

19 thoughts on “What To Do When Your Laser Level Stops Working?”

    • Something went wrong with the vertical laser diode, I guess. I suggest that you bring it to the service center for repair or replacement.

  1. Laser seems to be “too high” in the black spinner window. It is not reflecting off of the mirror. The beam looks to be split in two out of the top window. The unit has worked perfectly for four years and now nothing. Cst/berger algr

    • Hi Jerry, sorry to hear that. I have never met such a problem with my device. Have you contacted the manufacturer and told them your issue? Maybe they can help

    • Hi Thomas, have you just bought the receiver or have you used it for a period of time? I can’t say exactly what is going on. But this seems a big issue that we can’t fix by ourselves at home. It’s time to look for support from the manufacturer. Bruce

  2. Hi I have a grade laser level(datum)

    I tried to use it today and the, laser rotated and produces a beam, but the detecot wouldn’t pick it up, so I bought a new one and that’s will not pick the beam up either. I have cleaned the lense and changed the batteries, still doesn’t work??

    Do you know what’s wrong and could you repair?

    Many thanks

    Lloyd milner

    • Hi Lloyd

      If you’re using a detector from another manufacturer of your laser level, please check if the detector is compatible with your laser level by reading the user manual of both the laser and detector. Not all detectors are universal, in fact, most detectors only work with a particular laser wavelength, so it is advisable to check the compatibility of the detector with the laser.
      In case you use a green beam laser level, you need a detector that can detect green line laser too.
      If it still doesn’t work, don’t hesitate to contact the manufacturer and ask them to suggest the right detector for your laser level.

      Hope this helps

  3. I have a RED rotating self leveling laser. It is an FRE 203 model. For the first 6 months it worked great. Easy to use. Outdoors for entrance, drive contours, site leveling, piles and floors of buildings. It has been well cared for and gently handled and is stored in its own padded carry case. Then for no apparent reason I began to have difficulty finding the level. Unit was fully charged. Replacing the receiver / detector battery did initially fix the problem. The problem returned quickly, new batteries in the receiver would only work for a few minutes and at much shorter distances. Finally nothing and it was impossible to find the level. The laser was rotating and the red light visible but nothing at the receiver. I sent the whole unit in to the repair shop. It came back “calibrated” but still did the same thing. I was sent another receiver with the same result. I sent it in again, same result. Its been back to the shop twice now. Last time it came back I set it up indoors across a 5m room. I could see the laser line on one wall and also on the opposite wall. Turned the receiver on and it detected the laser on both walls. Finally I thought, so I went outside to use it on site. Damn thing will not work outside! Periodically there is a random beep from the receiver. Is it possible that the RED laser diode is weak? Even from 1m away outdoors the receiver is mute! Anyone else experienced this sort of issue.

    • The exact same thing has happened with my model which is the same as yours, doesn’t work properly in the sunshine. It seems to be a detector problem as i used it with another laser and the same problem occurs.

  4. I have a topconlazer model number rl-h3cwas working fine shut it off and now it makes noise and will not spin and all light flash

    • Hi Joseph
      From my experience, when the tool makes noise, it means that some inbuilt components are broken. For a dust and water-resistant tool like a laser level, we can’t fix it by ourselves, so the best thing you can do now is to send it to the repair shop. And if you don’t mind, please feel free to share us the problem with your laser when the repairman find it. Thank you.

  5. I have a April 2012 Topcon RL H4C it has never been dropped I took it out of the case and set it up pushed the Green on button and nothing happened so I replaced the batteries pushed the button and nothing, I checked the batteries in a flash light and they are new. I pushed the manual start and the green start simultaneously for 10 seconds and released the manual switch and still nothing.

  6. I have a PLS 5 that does not have a laser light when turned on .
    I was using it yesterday and it was working, then the laser lights went out, I checked the battery levels, which were good, but I also installed new batteries. I suspected that the bulb may be burnt out but can not find a repair manual.

    • Hi Dale
      The laser level comes with delicate components so manufacturers don’t recommend us to repair it ourselves, that’s why you can not find a repair manual. The only way is to contact the dealer and send it to their qualified service center for checking. Hope you laser level will come back to work very soon.


  7. Hi i have a geomax self level
    After it self level,it wont rotate,i tried changing batteries and still it wont rotate.
    Dont know whats wrong,but it was working fine before

  8. Don’t buy a pacific laser systems laser. Technical support only exist on hold. You can never talk to anyone but the operator that transfers you to the engineers that apparently are never available. I have tried several times and the dealer I bought it from has tried to no avail. It’s ridiculous to buy a whole new kit when all you need is the laser. I will never purchase from fluke or pls again. Bosch technical support is very available. They responded without being put on hold or left out in the blind.

  9. I have a dewalt DW073. It worked perfectly for 17 years then one day it no longer spins. The warning light blinks telling me the battery is dead. I’ve tried all my batteries in it and same thing. Have tested all the batteries and they are good. Local dewalt service center told me my laser is too old for them to look at it.

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