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How to Choose the Best Tile Paint?

By Bruce RiversLast update: 2024-03-09

What happens when you have tiles that are very dated in your home but you don't have the right budget for tile replacement?

Do you continue staying in that house or using that bathroom every day while cursing the situation? Well, tile painting is the answer!

How to Choose the Best Tile Paint

When done correctly, painted tiles can last for a few years. Correct in this context means following the right procedure and doing it like a pro. Soon, you will find that you actually didn't need to rip out the current tiles and replace them.

Let’s focus on what kind of paint to use on ceramic tiles.

How to Choose the Right Paint for Your Tiles

To choose the best tile paint, consider the following factors:

Location of the tile you intend to paint

Tile painting works best on vertical surfaces. Such surfaces don't get human traffic and heavy beating like water splashes. When used as an alternative for tile replacement, you are assured that painting them will give the tiles a new look for a number of years.

Remember, it is possible to paint bathroom tiles, bathtub, kitchen, and other tiles that receive water splashes.

However, you want to consider using the best tile paint on the market for long-lasting results. You also want to partake the exercise with care to avoid ruining your tiles and wasting the paint.

Floor tiles are not only subject to wear and tear but also to moisture during your regular cleaning and spills. Hence, such tiles should be refinished. The same case applies to the tiles surrounding your bathtub, shower, kitchen countertop, and sinks.

Type of tile you intend to paint

Apart from the location of the tile surface, you also want to consider the type of tiles in question.

Different tiles are made from different materials. Such materials include ceramic, marble, porcelain, onyx, sandstone, slate, and granite.

Most residential dwellings feature ceramic tiles since they are cheaper and readily available. Porcelain tiles are a sub-type of ceramic tiles made from fine-grained clay and fired at higher temperatures. Hence you will most likely be painting on ceramic.

When shopping for the tile paint, ensure that it can work on porcelain and ceramic. The same case applies to primers.

How to Choose the Best Tile Paint For Ceramic Tiles

Tips to Choose the Right Paint for Your Tiles

When painting vertical surfaces like bathroom walls, all you need is a high-quality two-part epoxy paint. In case of bathtubs and floor tiles, epoxy paint can still work.

However, you will need to apply at least two coats while giving a three-hour resting window between each coat for the paint to cure.

Choosing the right paint is very critical. It is wise to note that all water-based paint like spray paint, watercolors, and acrylic won't work on tiles. That is especially if you are painting kitchen or bathroom tiles.

The best tile paints are commercial paints or latex, enamel, colored epoxy, oil-based paint, or ceramic paints.

Changing the colors of your bathroom tiles will hugely affect how the place feels and looks. However, the terrifying task is making the choice of the right tile paint. A small mistake of choosing a paint that doesn't complement your home decor will ruin the entire exercise.

Similarly, selecting a paint that doesn't befit your tile type will negatively impact your budget that you may be trying to save by taking tile painting as the best alternative to home decor.

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