How to Calibrate a DEWALT Laser Level?

By Bruce RiversLast update: 2024-07-22

Level calibration is an integral aspect of the civil industry in leveling projects in accordance with the measurements indicated in the blueprint.

It is critical to keep your laser level properly calibrated to ensure accuracy and quality of your construction work within the expected standards.

Faulty calibration could lead to negative or even disastrous outcome costing your reputation and yielding financial wastage.

How to Calibrate a DeWalt Laser Level

Why Should I Re-calibrate My Laser Level?

Acquiring a DeWalt laser level is a valuable investment, and it is also necessary for you to learn how to calibrate it when the manufacturer’s default calibration deviates from your working standard.

Upon purchasing your laser level, part of knowing how to use the device includes checking if it is calibrated accordingly for it may have been affected by shipping and handling.

This is necessary to ensure precise accuracy in the delivery of your services to avoid unnecessary disasters which may arise even from a very minimal fault or deviation in calibration.

Even a few centimeters inaccuracies cannot be generously tolerated when it comes to constructions requiring high precision in measurement.

Just imagine a freshly tiled bathroom or a newly laid concrete foundation gone wrong with a 3-inch deficiency from the required measurement.

It would be a waste of resources and time fixing the problem when it could have been prevented with the use of a properly calibrated laser level.


How Often Should I Get My Laser Re-calibrated?

Using tested tools, like DeWalt laser levels, is paramount in meeting the precision you need at work. Quality manufactured laser levels are highly resistant to falling out from the set calibration.

Nonetheless, external pressures and conditions at work, inappropriate handling, storage, major drop, and the wear and tear of the instrument lead to alterations in calibrations and integrity of the leveling instrument.

Hence, periodic checking and calibration are required to ensure the reliability of the laser level to conform with the quality standard.

Re-calibration is necessary when your device is already out of calibration. The calibration certificate provided upon purchase also indicates the calibration tolerance of the laser level within a limited period, giving you an idea of when to consider re-calibration which is often done every 6 to 12 months.

Apart from the recommended regular checking, it is also important to immediately test your instrument after drops and mechanical knocks.

In the event that your laser level’s calibration is in question and you need to continue with a project, a concrete pour, for instance, you can make use of practical alternative in preventing errors by leveling your site and then repositioning your laser to re-check the levels.

If your assessment of the levels is within tolerance, then the work is still within the accepted standard and the instrument is also still within the calibration tolerance.

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How to Calibrate a DeWalt Laser Level?

The fact is that you cannot calibrate the laser by yourself without calibrating tools and professional knowledge. It needs to be sent to a DeWalt service center.

What you can do, however, is to have a "field calibration check" to indicate whether or not the laser is providing a correct level and plumb line.

These checks do not correct errors in the leveling or plumbing capability of the laser and cannot take the place of professional calibration performed by a DeWalt service center.

How To Make A Field Calibration Check For Your Laser Level?

Step 1

Set up the level on a plane surface or a tripod in a large room. The laser level should be kept at least 20-50 feet away from the wall depending on the model. The exact location of the tripod is not critical.

Step 2

Some models are manufactured with X and Y coordinates. In such cases, aim the X coordinate at the wall and turn on the laser beam.

With a pencil, mark a line where the beam strikes the wall. For models without X/ Y coordinates, draw a vertical line on the wall and mark the point where the laser beam strikes.

Step 3

Now rotate the laser level 180° and mark the point where the laser beam strikes. Different models have different tolerance levels specified.

Now, compare the two marks to figure out whether the difference is within the mentioned range or not. Generally, the ranges differ from 1/10 inch to 1/16 inch.

Step 4

The next step is rotating the laser level 90° to aim the Y axis point at the wall. Similarly, mark the line while the beam strikes the wall.

Step 5

Repeat the process for 180° also and mark another line. Now, check the difference to determine whether the vertical distance is within the reach or not.

If any of the axis fails to show the intended result, your laser level may need to be calibrated by DeWalt service.

Caution: For each DeWalt laser level model, you should read carefully the instruction manual to identify the allowable error.

How to calibrate a Dewalt laser level

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How To Get Your Laser Level Calibrated By DeWalt Service?

Here are easy-to-do steps to have your laser level calibrated at DeWalt customer service:

Step 1

Identify the nearest DeWalt service center in your area. You can check the DeWalt official website by indicating your Postcode in the service center locator.

Step 2

Bring your DeWalt tool to the service center and inform the service representative of the calibration service you want to avail.

  • Your device will then be forwarded to a specific DeWalt calibration center for the needed service.
  • Expect waiting days for the professional calibration of your instrument before it will be sent back to you.
  • Check if your laser level is still covered within the DeWalt warranty period, which ranges from one to three years depending on the model.
  • If the tool is already out of warranty, service cost will be charged which varies with the laser level model.

Step 3

In the absence of a service center near you, you can directly contact the DeWalt calibration service center and have your tool sent to them directly either by dropping in the area personally or having your unit shipped.


Quality assurance in construction and project designs require high precision in the field built on accurate measurements and trajectories.

In the midst of aggressive labor and the use of power tools, the proper calibration of your laser level could save you a great deal of construction costs while maintaining your professional reputation.

DeWalt laser levels are among the quality tools worth investing in to help you meet the required standards in the delivery of your services.

To ensure the quality of results you intend to build, it is essential to check the calibration upon purchase and take responsibility in testing for accuracy and determining when to bring your unit for professional calibration in a nearby DeWalt service center within your location.

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