Bosch DLR130K Laser Measure Review

By Bruce RiversLast update: 2024-01-17

*This product was discontinued by its manufacturer and replaced by a new model here

The Bosch DRL130K laser measure utilizes the precision laser technology so it can deliver faster and easy measurements each time you get to use it.

Bosch DLR130K Laser Measure Review

Key Features of Bosch DLR130K

Bosch DLR130K Laser Measure Review
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Review Summary
  • Measuring Range: 2-in. to 130-ft. (0.05 to 40 m)
  • Accuracy: +/- 1/16 inch
  • Protection Rating: IP54
  • Measuring units: inches, feet and inches, decimal feet and metric
  • Measuring Mode: Length/distance, area, volume, addition/subtraction
  • Memory: Last/single measurement
  • Battery Life: 30,000 individual measurements or 5h continuous measurement
  • Warranty: 2-Year Limited Warranty
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Pros & Cons of Bosch DLR130K

  • Get fast and accurate measurements with the product
  • Various modes of measurement available
  • An ergonomic soft grip is available for easy use of the product
  • It does not offer the best precision that most people would want
  • No back light

Bosch DLR130K Laser Measure - A Handy Tool For Home Users

The Bosch laser measure is small enough to fit in your pocket making it easy to carry around wherever you need to use it.

The Bosch DLR130K will also not take up a lot of space in your tool belt or carry bag for your tools.

Bosch DLR130K Laser Measure Review

You get several modes when using the product including length, volume, area and continuous measurement for maximum versatility.

You can still switch between different measurement systems such as inches, feet and inches, or decimal feet and metric. This makes it better to use in different applications even for home use.

The Bosch DLR130K has an ergonomic soft grip area. You can now easily hold it in your hand without worrying about dropping without knowing.

The soft grip area also makes you feel comfortable when handling the laser measure.

Bosch DLR130K Laser Measure Review

For an affordable product, the Bosch DLR130K Laser Measure delivers better range than other models in its category.

This laser measure has an amazing range of 130 feet and an accuracy of 1/16 inch. That makes it affordable and accurate too when it comes to making the measurements.

The biggest con is that its accuracy is not as exact as some people need and the lack of backlight makes it hard to see the measuring results at night or in any dark environment.

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If you are a professional contractor looking for more advanced Bosch laser measure, consider buying Bosch GLM80 Laser Distance Measure which can measure up to 265 feet and incorporates a backlit display with tilt-screen technology for various useful functions.

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