How to Use a Laser Level to Hang Beautiful Wall Hangings?

By Bruce RiversLast update: 2023-10-04

Your house is simply the presence of few walls, until it's not decorated properly and a perfect decoration is incomplete without having some decorative wall hangings or a piece of art or a photo gallery occupying the walls.

These items not only compliment the walls, but adds a different charm to the complete decoration of the house.

How to hang photos on wall with a laser level

The task of hanging those wall hangings on the wall is easy, just insert a nail into the wall using a hammer and hang the item. But is it really that easy?

If you ever have a frustrating experience in hanging the wall hangings on the wall of your newly shifted house, then you are surely not alone.

Moreover, after putting a lot of effort when you find that, it is not perfectly leveled, the disappointment is difficult to suppress.

But, in modern days, when we have so many gadgets to perform different tasks, hanging the wall hangings or photo frames should no longer be a challenging job. You just need a simple laser level to do it.

Things You Will Be In Need Of

The laser levels have multiple uses and eventually, the device derives with different functionalities, but some of them are designed only for mounting objects on the wall.

These levels generally derive with a whole kit including a ruler, stud finder, a class II laser, sliding stops, etc.

Laser levels mounted on a tripod or wall, allow your hands to move freely without holding it while working with the nails and the hammer.

To perform the task, we need a few more things, like

  • Pencil
  • Hammer
  • Drill
  • Tape measure
  • Tripod

Steps To Follow

After accumulating all the equipment, it's the time to start the action.

When you are using a laser level to hang the wall hangings, this one will be perfectly straight and leveled. What you only need to do is simply follow some easy steps.

Here are the steps that you need to follow to employ the laser level to hang the wall hangings.

Step 1:

  • Measuring should be your first step in the hanging job. Measure the width of the wall and the piece of art that you want to hang.
Step 2
  • Decide the place where you actually want your wall hanging to be placed. After deciding the desired height, mark it with the pencil.
Step 3
  • Now, mount the laser level on the tripod.
  • In case of unavailability, you can place the laser level on a table as well, but only make sure, it adjusts to the predetermined height that you marked on the wall.
Step 4
  • Turn on the laser level. If you have a self-leveling laser level, allow time to level itself. The self-leveling, generally, should not take more than thirty seconds.
  • But, for the laser level that are not self-leveling, you may need to level it manually for receiving an accurate result.
Step 5
  • Now, shoot the laser beam on the wall and align the beam across the mark that you have already made on the wall.
Laser level for wall hanging

Step 6

  • Take the measurement of the distance between the upper part of the frame to its hanging point.
  • And do the same, by taking the measurement, from the laser beam that is projected on the wall to the desired location of the hanging point.
  • If the measurement matches, mark the point with the pencil on the wall.
Step 7
  • Take the supplied hammer and the nails. Place the nail in the marked position and hammer the nail into the wall. You can use a power drill too, to place a hook on the marked position.
Step 8
  • As you have inserted the nail or the hook in its place, secure the wall hanging on it. But, before placing the frame, check the nail twice to avoid the fall down of the frame.
  • The nail should be capable of holding the weight of the wall hanging, or else, you may end up breaking your wall hanging.
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Having different wall hangings or pictures increases the aesthetic view of the house itself, but the challenging part is ensuring the proper alignment and achieving the accurate design.

But, with a laser level the task becomes easier and stress-free, you just need to know, the proper way of doing it.

Hope this one will be a great help, next time you're attempting to hang the wall hanging on the favorite point of the wall.

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