Leica Lino L4P1 Multi-Line Laser Level Review

By Bruce RiversLast update: 2024-04-11

Level lasers have long been known as a great innovation when it comes to construction and home renovation projects. With a laser level, you can skip all the guesswork from the old bubble levels or string lines. For all the tasks that require precision, a laser level will save you time and avoid all the costly mistakes.

Nowadays, laser levels come in many types to tackle different applications. However, if you want to look for one device that can do it all, let us present you Leica Lino L4P1, one of the top rated laser levels on the market.

Leica Lino L4P1 Multi-Line Laser Level ReviewLeica Lino L4P1 Multi-Line Laser Level Review

Leica Lino L4P1 Multi-Line Laser Level Review Summary

Leica Lino L4P1 Multi-Line Laser Level
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  • Quality
  • Price
Review Summary
  • Laser Color: Red

  • Number of Beams: 4 lines, 1 point

  • Visibility: 15 m/50 feet

  • Range with Detector: 80 m/265 feet

  • Accuracy: 1/16 inch at 33 feet

  • Self-leveling Range: ±3 degrees

  • Laser Class: 2

  • IP Rating: IP54

  • Power Supply: Rechargeable Li-Ion batteries or Alkaline batteries 4xAA, 1.5V

  • Warranty: 3 years limited warranty (upon registered)

  • Weight: 2.59 pounds

  • Dimensions: 4.92” x 4.92” x 6.38”

  • Top Features: Smart power concept with Li-Ion or Alkaline batteries, 360-degree rotating base, five layout points with 180-degree coverage, IP54 dust/water resistance, Fine-tuning adjustment knob for accurate placement.

Our Rating
About Leica Geosystems

With almost 200 years of offering innovative solutions for the world of measurement and survey, Leica Geosystems has been trusted by professionals worldwide. Leica provides users a wide range of premium products to help them take, analyze, and present dimensional information.

Just like its slogan, “when it has to be right”, Leica Geosystems products offer best-in-class services with the highest accuracy and sophistication. All professionals highly recommended Leica for its reliability, first-rate customer service, and the values it delivers.

Benefits & Highlight Features of Leica Lino L4P1

Living up to its reputation, Leica Geosystem offers users this Lino L4P1 for the utmost efficient workflows and the perfect applications. For all of its distinctive and advanced features, Leica Lino L4P1 will give you the best experience with aligning and leveling work.


The Leica Lino L4P1 is a powerful multi line laser for leveling, alignment and layout tasks. It can tackle any interior application task that requires line and point reference beams. Together with a built-in adjustment knob for fine-tuning, you can easily get precise placement for the tool.

Precise Layouts Over Long Distances

Leica Lino L4P1 Multi-Line Laser Level ReviewLINO L4P1 Multi-Line Laser

This model projects four long and bright cross-line lasers (one horizontal and three vertical lines at 90-degree from each other) covering a 180-degree plane. The lasers can be visible up to 50 feet with an accuracy of ±1/16 inch at 33 feet. These lasers create an ultimate 90-degree layout that is ideal for most interior applications, such as wood or steel stud construction, ceilings, hanging drywall, or flooring.

There is also a plumb spot for point transfer between the floor and the ceiling, making it perfect for electrical or light installations.

For larger areas or outdoor applications, the tool is suggested to be paired with a receiver, especially the Leica RVL 80 Line Receiver. With optical and audible signals, this receiver will help find red laser beams over far distances or under difficult lightings. In this way, it extends the laser’s working range up to 80m, or 265 feet.


Another great feature of this Leica Lino L4P1 is the self-leveling pendulum. This function allows the tool to self-level within ±3 degrees, for perfectly aligned applications.

It blinks to notify users when the device is beyond the level range. With a self-leveling laser level, you can get rid of all the guesswork and have your work done faster and much easier.

The pendulum locking system will allow users to switch to manual mode, where they can set lines to any desired angle. With that same system, the pendulum will be locked to avoid shocks during transport to ensure the accuracy of the laser level is well-maintained.

Continuous Operation with Smart Power Concept

Leica Lino L4P1 Multi-Line Laser Level ReviewSmart Power Concept Li-Ion is interchangeable with Alkaline batteries

The Leica Lino L4P1 laser level features a smart power concept, which enables it to be used with either rechargeable Li-Ion batteries or the ordinary alkaline batteries. You can easily switch between the two sources of power for flexibility.

Moreover, the Li-Ion batteries will work for 24 hours straight with no downtime once it is fully charged. Users, especially builders who work in the construction site, can rest assured to have continuous work with no interruption due to drained out batteries.

Meanwhile, the tool comes with a battery plate that fits 4 standard alkaline AA batteries so you can still use the laser when the Li-Ion batteries are being charged. In this way, the laser levels are always ready to work.

360-Degree Rotation Base

This laser level from Leica features a full rotation base that can swivel 260-degree over a selected point. You can just grab and spin the device and then use it along with the above-mentioned adjusting knob to be able to move the laser beams in small increments for higher precision.

Durable against any Hazardous Condition

The Leica Lino L4P1 is made of IP54 rated materials for dust protection and splash resistance, offering builders and DIY-ers a robust and durable tool for long-lasting use.


Though it is a great tool for a broad array of applications, this Leica Lino L4P1 has a rather small self-leveling range, while featuring quite a bulky and beefy construction.

Pros & Cons

Leica Lino L4P1 Multi-Line Laser Level ReviewLeica Geosystems LINO L4P1 Multi-Line Laser

  • Multipurpose laser level, tackle any leveling task

  • Self-leveling for high accuracy

  • Smart Power Concept offers flexibility.

  • Small self-leveling range compared to the majority of laser levels.

  • Bulky design , not really portable.

User Tips

Below are some care tips for users to maintain the device performance.

  • Never clean the device by dipping it in water or using solvents. Use damp soft cloth to wipe off dirt.

  • Avoid dropping or violently shaking the tool to keep it from damages.

  • Check the leveling feature regularly.


The Leica Lino L4P1 is the best choice for anyone who loves accurate aligning, perfect level and fast setups. It will help you tackle any task in interior construction, from setting up layout for drywalls, ceilings to fixture applications.

This tool is made to offer everyone a multifunctional solution, making everything so easy, so fast and so efficient for you.

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