How to Use A Laser Level Outdoors?

By Bruce RiversLast update: 2024-06-16

From a simple task like hanging a picture to the critical job like installing a ceiling, a laser level is unparalleled to its services for indoor tasks.

But, using the laser level is equally effective and necessary for outdoor functions too.

Before moving to steps on how to use a laser level outdoors, let's take a look at some outdoor uses of laser level.

How to Use a Laser Level Outdoor
How to Use A Laser Level Outdoor?

Here are some outdoor applications of a laser level:

  • Checking the land elevations
  • To check and align the posts, fences, porches, etc. ,
  • For any masonry alignment
  • For grading
  • Ensuring proper drainage system, etc.

Accessories With a Laser Level For Outdoor Use

Using a laser level for indoor activities is comparatively easy then the outdoors.

Seeing the laser beam outside with the naked eye is sometimes very difficult, if not impossible.

As a reason, most of the laser level comes with a special red or green tinted goggles to make the laser beam more visible in the daylight.

For using the laser level, you need a few more things along with this tool:

How to Use A Laser Level Outdoors

#1 - Put on your laser safety glasses

  • As we have mentioned earlier, to make the laser beam visible in daylight, there is no alternative to wearing the tinted glasses that derive with the laser level kit.
  • So, put the glass on and get ready for first outdoor laser level operation.

#2 - Set up the laser level on the tripod

  • Another important issue while using the laser level is identifying a level ground for operating the laser level, so that an accurate result can receive.
  • In such case, a tripod can be a great help. So, place the laser level on the tripod and turn the switch on.
Set Up the Laser Level on a Tripod
Set Up the Laser Level on a Tripod

#3 - Let the laser level self-level

  • If the laser level is the self-leveling one, buy some time to self-level it before taking the measurement.

#4 - Aim the laser level to the desired position

  • Decide the area where you want to take the reading and aim the laser level at that point.
  • After deciding the point, lock the laser level at the decided point.

#5 - Use a laser receiver to detect the laser beam

  • Now, take the laser receiver and put it on the decided point. You can place the device on the plane surface, but at the same height of the laser level.
  • Using a second tripod is a best option for this, though you can use the magnet that comes with the laser receiver.
Use a Laser Receiver to Detect Laser Beam Outdoor
Use a Laser Receiver to Detect Laser Beam Outdoor

#6 - Adjust the laser receiver to catch the laser beam

  • Now, slowly move the laser receiver until it catches the laser beam. The laser receiver will light up a small LED light after receiving the laser beam.
  • Lock the receiver after identifying the light on the laser receiver.
  • Now, use both the laser level and the receiver to identify the required measurement.

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Problems When Using Laser Level Outdoors

For a flawless leveling experience, a laser level is compulsory.

But, using a laser level outdoor is always challenging for its users.

How to Use a Rotary Laser Level Outdoor
How to Use a Rotary Laser Level Outdoor

Laser Eye Safety

The first issue must be related to the security of the user and the onlookers. Though the users usually remain alert, but for the careless onlookers, the laser beam can be threatening for their eyes.

So, the workers need to be really alert while working with it.

Laser Battery

Working with the laser level for long hours drains the charges of the batteries quickly, therefore, the user should always carry extra batteries for the uninterrupted working.

Laser Level is Not Suitable For Using Outdoors

Generally, a laser level has to be the powerful one with a strong laser beam while aiming to use outdoors. These laser levels are expensive too.

Sometimes the users can be deceived by the sellers and may end up buying the wrong one.

Also, the laser beam may be less visible in the bright daylight.

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Working with the laser level minimizes the human effort and provides accurate result too.

But working on a large site among the many users, may not be convenient for the laser level itself. The chance of mishandling also increases.

Users should remain alert while handling the device and check for falling too.

In case of falling on a wet area, the device should clean with a dry cloth and should never operate until it dries properly.

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