Pacific Laser Systems PLS 180 Cross Line Laser Level Review

By Bruce RiversLast update: 2024-06-08

PLS 180 Cross Line Laser Level from Pacific Laser Systems was introduced with the motive to help workers building an architectural beauty perfectly.

This light weight self leveling laser tool is designed for the plumbers, electricians, mechanical or other technicians and the people involved with construction industries.

The PLS 180 helps home owners and contractors easily align things when needed and finish the work with professionalism.

Both the horizontal and vertical laser lines give you more accuracy and save your time.

PLS 180 Cross Line Laser Level Review

PLS 180 Review Summary

PLS 180 Laser Level Tool
  • Features
  • Quality
  • Price
Review Summary
  • Accuracy: ±1/8 inch at 30 feet
  • Leveling type: fully automatic self levelling on pendulum principle
  • Self leveling range: up to 6 degrees
  • Working range: 200 feet or 61 meters
  • Fan angle: 180 degrees.
  • Weight: 1.7 lbs. or .77 kg
  • Operation time: 30 hours
  • Dimensions: 2”x 2 7/8” x 3 3/8”
  • Power supply: 3 x AA batteries
  • Warranty: 3 years limited warranty
  • Applications: used for many purposes, especially used by electricians, home builders and mechanical workers.
Our Rating

Pros and Cons

  • Use standard AA batteries, no charger needed.
  • Magnetic dampening is used
  • Designed based on the principle of the pendulum.
  • Higher accuracy
  • Applied in multiple actions.
  • Pulsed beams for exterior applications
  • Light weight
  • The laser light is too dim for the continuous outdoor workings.

Special Features of PLS 180 Laser Level

The reasons for which PLS 180 Cross Line Laser Level has already become the most dependable self leveling laser tool are its upgraded technological specifications and features. These features are:

  • It has two semiconductor class 2 laser diode which ranges from 630 to 650 nm. These two lasers work in the horizontal and vertical ray.
  • This tool has the accuracy of more or less 1/8 inches at up to 30 feet.
  • Designed with fully automatic self leveling on pendulum principle.
  • Level up to 6 degrees by itself.
  • PLS 180 has a fan with an angle of 180 degrees.
  • Easy to handle for its user-friendly design. Used in the places where there is too limited place for two persons to help each other and get the job done properly.
  • Works on 3 AA batteries (like DEWALT DW088K) which comes along with the package. Can run up to 30 hours continuously when power is supplied properly.
  • Light weight that is why easy to carry.
  • This PLS Laser Level measures 2 x 2-7/8 x 3-3/8 inches
  • It has the warranty of 3 years. Previously it was 1 year. During this period the product can be repaired or replaced with the same model without any extra charge or labor.
PLS 180 Cross Line Laser Level Review

Benefits of Using PLS 180

One of the most effective tools for fixing the workings is the PLS 180 Cross Line Laser Level. This self leveling laser level is a favorite mechanical device for the plumbers, electricians and other construction related persons.

Because of its user-friendly features, people are usually beneficial using the tool. Those benefits are given below:

  • As it is designed with two semiconductor class 2 laser diodes, it has clearer laser lights while working inside.
  • The tool weighs only 1.7 lbs. what makes it easier to carry from one place to another. It does not take much place too.
  • Self leveling up to 6 degrees makes the design or construction body more accurate.
  • Saves time. Long duration of working period confirms more work than ever before.
  • Another important thing is the magnetic dampening. It helps the tool to be ready all the time for use in less than a second.
  • Repairing ceilings, chair rails, framing, fencing, foundations and lot many other works related to alignment can be done within a very few moments using a PLS 180 Laser Level.

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Using Tips for PLS 180

PLS 180 Laser Level Review

Every mechanical device has some criteria which brings the best out of the device. This product is a complete package.

As it runs on batteries, there is no problem of charging the device first. So you can use this right after its arrival.

Some of the tips for using the tool is given below:

  • Optimum conditions are the best for highest amount of the outputs from the device one can get.
  • Two different lasers are used for the horizontal and vertical laser lines in the device. A bit of carelessness can damage the lasers easily. So be careful about the using.
  • Batteries should be observed properly and regularly because it is the only power supplying source. Damages in batteries can damage the device too.
  • If any problem arises within the warranty period, the provider or the manufacturing company of the Laser LevelPLS 180 is bound to solve the problem. Just take the tool to them and they will fix it somehow, either repairing or replacing with a new one.

It is always recommended to read the user manual given with product before starting to use it.

Do not ever try to do anything that you do not know or you are not sure about. It may cause serious injuries or harm to you and the loss of the device and your construction site.

Why Should I Use PLS 180 Cross Line Laser Level?

Fixing an alignment has always been a tough job to do. For plumbers or other workers, who is always bound to do this hard job, has a friend called PLS 180 Laser Level which makes their job easier, quicker and finer.

If you want your work represented perfectly, you have no other options for buying and using this tool. So, what are you waiting for? Go now and grab your one.

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