How To Use A Laser Level For Laying Tiles?

Laying floor tiles is one of the deceptively easy tasks. Yes, it looks difficult and a bit overwhelming for a diyer to accomplish. But if you follow right steps and use the right tools, especially with a laser square (also called tile laser level), you can do it with ease.

How to use a laser level for laying floor tile

Now, before we move on to tile installation process, let’s take a look at the necessary tools and materials needed to accomplish the task.

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Laser Level Accessories That You Must Have To Accompany The Tool

Laser levels are cool gadgets. They can make construction easy and when they are accompanied with additional tools, work becomes quicker. Let’s look at some of the most common accessories with a laser level.

1. Laser Level Detector

When you are using a laser level in areas where the distance or lighting conditions make it difficult for you to pick up the laser beam, a laser detector comes handy.

Laser detectors, also called laser receivers, are built to withstand harsh environment which means they are construction tough. They also provide high accuracy so that professionals and home users can rely on it.

DEWALT DW0892 Line Laser Detector
DEWALT DW0892 Line Laser Detector

Types of Laser Level Detectors

Laser detectors are built to work with red, green and infrared beams. They are available for both rotary laser level and line laser level (which supports pulse mode to use with detector).

Laser detectors come with a lot of accuracy settings which can help you set the device according to the needs of your job site. It comes to different types of displays, channels, sizes and even a memory function which will allow you to locate the last signal recorded by the detector.

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How to use laser level to align fence posts?

Keeping your private area safe from prying eyes, nothing can be quicker and cheaper option than building a fence. While building a wall will be a permanent, but costlier option, on the other hand, a fence will be more economical and reliable too.

Though the traditional way of building a fence is laying the four corner posts and tie string, this one will be very difficult and tedious while working in a larger area. Moreover, our technological advancement has made our job easier by inventing several tools.

Laser level to align fence posts

While approaching to build a fence, the first problem that generally occurs is to make the line straight while laying it out.

Along with making the fence look good, correct initial steps will save you money, energy and time along with making the work easier and to perform the task, a laser level, can be the best option. Reducing your effort, it will ensure a perfect straight line for your fence.

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How To Use Laser Level To Hang Pictures

Laser level to hang pictures

Aside from major construction projects both indoors and outdoors, laser levels can also be used for other less tedious purposes in beautifying a home.

Consider this scenario, you have a group of pictures you want to hang on the wall in a straight line and you’re wondering how are you going to hold the hammer, nails, frame and laser with two hands all at a time in mounting each frame.

If you use a laser level to help you with the job, then hanging pictures on the wall becomes a piece of cake.

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How to Use Laser Level Outdoors

From a simple task like hanging a picture to the critical job like installing a ceiling, a laser level is unparalleled to its services for indoor tasks. But, using the laser level is equally effective and necessary for outdoor functions too. Here are some outdoor applications of a laser level:

  • Checking the land elevations
  • To check and align the posts, fences, porches, etc. ,
  • For any masonry alignment
  • For grading
  • Ensuring proper drainage system, etc.
Johnson 99-006K Rotary Laser
Johnson Level Tool 99-006K Self-Leveling Rotary Laser

Accessories With a Laser Level For Outdoor Use

Using a laser level for indoor activities is comparatively easy then the outdoors. Seeing the laser beam outside with the naked eye is sometimes very difficult, if not impossible. As a reason, most of the laser level come with a special red or green tinted goggles to make the laser beam more visible in the daylight. For using the laser level, you need a few more things along with this tool:

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15 Summer Home Improvement Projects For DIY

Summer is the hottest of the four temperate seasons. To some, the arrival of summer represents the time to relax at the beach, carry out some outdoor events, school breaks, and BBQs.

For homeowners, it is considered as the ideal period of time to do justice to those important indoor and outdoor home improvement projects when the weather conditions are just right.

As the summer time approaches, there are many home maintenance and improvement projects you can embark on to effectively add more value to your home.

Not all home maintenance and improvement projects require a lot of time and money to complete. A simple DIY home improvement project can change the entire look and feel of your home.

home remodeling

The fact that a home maintenance project worked for some does not guarantee that it would work just fine for you. This is why you have to sit back and decide on the improvement project that would best fit your home.

Whether you plan to sell your house or you want to continue living in it for years to come, maintaining and keeping your home up to date is beneficial to everyone.

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How To Install Cabinets With A Laser Level

The most important thing that you need to get right when installing cabinets is that they should be installed level so that the doors can open easily and it doesn’t ruin your kitchen. After laboring for hours, you might end up noticing that all you hard work is slipping away on the slanting surface of wrongly installed cabinets. Believe me, there is nothing more annoying than that.

With the help of a good quality laser level, you won’t have to worry about that bad scenario. Nowadays, a laser level is one of the most useful devices that can make the tedious process of cabinet installation quicker and simpler.

How to install cabinets with a laser level

Before we go through essential how-to steps, let’s take a look at the tools and materials we will need for this task.


  • Laser level with tripod
  • Tape measure
  • Bubble level
  • Stud finder
  • Screw gun
  • Pencil
  • Clamps

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How To Use Laser Level For Grading?

A laser level is a must have tool that every construction worker and DIY worker should possess in their tool kit. A petty task, like hanging a photo frame to different construction works, like installation of the aligned fence posts, proper drainage system, etc., a laser level is an inseparable part of our daily activities.

In construction industry, the contribution of the tool is simply unavoidable and the most fascinating use of the laser level is setting grade.

How to Use Laser Level For Grading

What is grading?

Grading is the process that performed prior to any construction or renovation work to even out the surface and to provide a firm foundation.

Proper grading helps to restrict the flow of water flowing towards the new foundation and does not allow to stand the flowing water in your property, and eventually, secure the surrounding of the foundation. In case of existing foundations, grading can be performed to improve the existing drainage system.

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