How to Use Laser Level?

For the uninitiated, let me explain what laser level is.

The laser level makes a perfect and efficient use of the laser beam technology to project a level line of laser across the horizontal or vertical plane. This line helps you in getting an idea about vertical and horizontal alignment.

It was initially introduced for use on the job site. The early predecessors of the modern laser level were bulky and expensive tools that were too expensive for common use.

The modern laser levels are cheaper and easier to carry around. In fact, it won’t be wrong to say that it has revolutionized the whole construction and other related projects. The results after using a construction laser level are far more accurate than they used to be and the whole process has been made shorter and more efficient.

How-to use laser level:

Laying tilesLaying TilesHang curtainsHang CurtainsInstall cabinetsInstall Cabinets
Align fenceAlign FencePaint stripes Paint StripesHang pictureHang Pictures

As there are several different versions of  laser level available, it is only wise to explain how to use a laser level in accordance with major versions separately.

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How To Use Laser Level For Grading

A laser level is a must have tool that every construction worker and DIY worker should possess in their tool kit. A petty task, like hanging a photo frame to different construction works, like installation of the aligned fence posts, proper drainage system, etc., a laser level is an inseparable part of our daily activities.

In construction industry, the contribution of the tool is simply unavoidable and the most fascinating use of the laser level is setting grade.

How to Use Laser Level For Grading

What is grading?

Grading is the process that performed prior to any construction or renovation work to even out the surface and to provide a firm foundation.

Proper grading helps to restrict the flow of water flowing towards the new foundation and does not allow to stand the flowing water in your property, and eventually, secure the surrounding of the foundation. In case of existing foundations, grading can be performed to improve the existing drainage system.

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How To Choose The Best Laser Tape Measure?

A laser tape measure (also called laser distance measurer) is a machine that uses a laser to measure distances. For the professional contractor or serious home improvement hobbyist, this tool is a huge improvement over a traditional tape measure.

Learn more about this versatile tool with below infographic:

Laser Tape Measure Buyer Guide Infographic

The laser technology provides you an extremely accurate distance instantly, thus saving you time and improving the quality of your work. It also allows you take any measurement you need by yourself, while traditional tape measures require two people to keep the measure level when used over large distances.

Bosch GLM 80 Laser Distance Measurer
Bosch GLM 80 Laser Distance Measurer

How Does A Laser Tape Measure Work?

A laser tape measure uses a laser beam to determine the distance to a certain point. The most common form of laser tape measure sends a laser pulse toward the object and measures how long the pulse takes to bounce off the target and return to the machine.

This measurement process is often called the “optical measurement process” and can be displayed in multiple units of measure.

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How to install ceiling grid perfectly using rotary laser level?

Today we are going to talk about how to install ceiling grid by using a laser level. But if you are wondering, why you need to install a secondary ceiling when you have a permanent one, then you are among those who are unaware of the countless benefits of installing a secondary one.

Most of the time, we keep ourselves so busy in colors, decoration, furnishing, space planning, etc. while decorating a house, we completely forget about the ceiling. We simply overlook the fact that all the decoration will remain incomplete without a properly matching ceiling.

laser level to install ceiling

Different types of ceiling serve differently to meet your need. Along with being a major part of the interior decor, ceiling also helps in concealing ventilation, fittings and even an existing ceiling. But, installing a new ceiling parallel to the existing one, is not an easy job. Maintaining an accurate level is a must. Sometimes a mere laser level is not enough to successfully accomplish the job, you need a device powerful than the existing level.

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Top Frequently Asked Questions About Laser Measure

1 – What is a Laser Measure?

A laser measure or laser distance meter is a handheld device, which uses a laser beam to measure the distance between two objects. Each laser distance measure will have an accuracy and range that it can cover with its laser beam. You would always want to get a model with better accuracy and still delivers the best range for various applications.

How does a laser measure work?

Learn more: Laser Measure Buyer Guide Infographic

2 – How Does a Laser Measure Work?

Start by turning on the laser measure. This will vary depending on the model. Once it is on, you can select any mode for testing. With the mode selected, the user simply needs to aim the red laser dot to the object at a distance. Depending on the mode selected, you should be able to see the distance from where you are standing to the other object with the red laser dot.

This is seen as a much faster method of measuring the distance rather than using the tape measure where it would have involved two people doing the measurements.

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How to use laser level for marking ceilings?

Marking ceilings for myriads of purposes is a daunting task.

With your neck craned backward, it is always difficult to ascertain that whether the lines or markings you have made are aligned, straight and clean. And, add the task of using old fashioned ruler while perched on the ladder, you have a task which needs some serious patience and determination.

marking ceiling

However, it doesn’t have to be that hard especially if you use laser levels for marking ceiling. And, if you are an electrician and have to work on ceilings on the daily basis, a laser level is a must for you.

The cross line laser level makes a lot of archaic tools and long stretched steps redundant. It radically improves the quality of the markings and accuracy would certainly be off the charts as you take the possibility of manual errors out of the process.

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What to do when your laser stops working?

Laser levels can be considered complicated devices, especially if you are new to the experience of using the device or a new model. When the unit stops working of malfunctions in the middle of your work, it can really cause undue stress and unnecessary delays. There are tricks that you can do to solve the issues before sending it for professional repair.

What to do when laser level stop working


Laser level stops working

First, check the power source. If you’re using standard alkaline batteries, use a new set. Try standard batteries if you are using rechargeable batteries, but only if the device comes with this feature. You may also plug it into the main adapter to check if it’s working.

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How to Use Laser Level Outdoors

From a simple task like hanging a picture to the critical job like installing a ceiling, a laser level is unparalleled to its services for indoor tasks. But, using the laser level is equally effective and necessary for outdoor functions too. Here are some outdoor applications of a laser level:

  • Checking the land elevations
  • To check and align the posts, fences, porches, etc. ,
  • For any masonry alignment
  • For grading
  • Ensuring proper drainage system, etc.
Johnson 99-006K Rotary Laser
Johnson Level Tool 99-006K Self-Leveling Rotary Laser

Accessories With a Laser Level For Outdoor Use

Using a laser level for indoor activities is comparatively easy then the outdoors. Seeing the laser beam outside with the naked eye is sometimes very difficult, if not impossible. As a reason, most of the laser level come with a special red or green tinted goggles to make the laser beam more visible in the daylight. For using the laser level, you need a few more things along with this tool:

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