PLS 180 Laser Level Tool Review

PLS 180 Cross Line Laser Level from Pacific Laser Systems was introduced with the motive to help workers building an architectural beauty perfectly.

This light weight self leveling laser tool is designed for the plumbers, electricians, mechanical or other technicians and the people involved with construction industries.

The PLS 180 helps home owners and contractors easily align things when needed and finish the work with professionalism.

Both the horizontal and vertical laser lines give you more accuracy and save your time.

PLS 180 Cross Line Laser Level Review

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Pacific Laser Systems PLS-4: Versatility And Precision At Your Fingertips

PLS 4 Laser System Review

The Pacific Laser Systems PLS-4 can help make onsite layouts faster. PLS 4 Laser Level is a professional and low-cost precision laser.

This laser level is equipped with a crisp and bright laser beam that is cross line accurate to 1/8” at 30 feet and point-to-point accurate to 1/4″ at 100 feet.

The PLS 4 Laser utilizes high quality optical glass. It also has a dirt resistant case and is very thrifty with its power supply making it reliable in any construction site.

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