How to Use a Multimeter For Dummies?

One of the most common testing tools in the world is also one of the easiest to use.

Yes, we are talking about the ubiquitous multimeter, the one tool that an electrician never leaves his/her house without.

And if you are a newbie, today we are going to show you how to use it.

How to Use a Multimeter?

Whether it is testing, measuring, or troubleshooting that you hoping to use a multimeter for, this basic guide will come in handy.

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How To Install Cabinets With A Laser Level

The most important thing that you need to get right when installing cabinets is that they should be installed level so that the doors can open easily and it doesn’t ruin your kitchen.

After laboring for hours, you might end up noticing that all your hard work is slipping away on the slanting surface of wrongly installed cabinets.

Believe me, there is nothing more annoying than that.

How To Install Cabinets With A Laser Level
How To Install Cabinets With A Laser Level

With the help of a good quality laser level, you won’t have to worry about that bad scenario.

Nowadays, a laser level is one of the most useful devices that can make the tedious process of cabinet installation quicker and simpler.

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How to Test a Battery with a Multimeter?

One of the most common household applications of a multimeter is battery testing.

The easiest way to check whether a battery, say an AA piece that you use in a TV remote control, is in good condition or not is to connect it to a multimeter’s test probes and measure its voltage or amperage.

How to test a battery with a multimeter?
How to test a battery with a multimeter?

If you have been wondering how to test a battery with a multimeter, then this guide will walk you through it.

We will use a pocket digital multimeter and a 9-volt battery for this guide.

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How to Use A Laser Level?

As there are several different versions of laser level available, it is only wise to explain how to use a laser level in accordance with major versions separately.

How to Use a Laser Level

Read on the article to learn different types of laser levels and how to use each type.

Also, take your time to check out the following guides on how to use a laser level for home remodeling projects, such as laying tiles, installing cabinets and so on.

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How To Use A Laser Level For Grading?

A laser level is a must-have tool that every construction worker and DIY worker should possess in their toolkit.

In the construction industry, the contribution of the tool is simply unavoidable and the most fascinating use of the laser level is setting grade.

Today, we will talk about how to use a laser level for grading through this step by step guide.

How to Use A Laser Level For Grading?
How to Use A Laser Level For Grading?

What is grading?

Grading is the process that performed prior to any construction or renovation work to even out the surface and to provide a firm foundation.

Proper grading helps to restrict the flow of water flowing towards the new foundation and does not allow to stand the flowing water in your property, and eventually, secure the surrounding of the foundation.

In case of existing foundations, grading can be performed to improve the existing drainage system.

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How To Use Laser Level To Hang Pictures?

Aside from major construction projects both indoors and outdoors, laser levels can also be used for other less tedious purposes in beautifying a home.

How to Use Laser level for hanging pictures
Use a laser level for hanging pictures

Consider this scenario, you have a group of pictures you want to hang on the wall in a straight line.

You’re wondering how are you going to hold the hammer, nails, frame and the pictures with two hands all at a time in mounting each frame.

If you know how to use a laser level for hanging pictures on walls, then this job will become a piece of cake.

Let’s see how!

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How To Use A Laser Level For Laying Tiles?

Laying floor tiles is one of the deceptively easy tasks. Yes, it looks difficult and a bit overwhelming for a DIYer to accomplish.

But if you follow right steps and use the right tools, especially with a laser square (also called tile laser level), you can do it with ease.

How to use a laser level for laying floor tile
How to use a laser level for laying tiles

Now, before we move on to tile installation process, let’s take a look at the necessary tools and materials needed to accomplish the task.

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How To Use A Clamp Meter?

So, you have met the clamp meter, the superstar of all multimeters that everyone’s talking about?

And are now looking for a guide that will help you use it properly to measure AC and DC amps?

You want to own it, but it makes sense to first see how the thing works, right?

Well, you have come to the right place. This is the ultimate guide on how to use clamp meter, structured keeping first-time users and beginners in mind.

How to Use Clamp Meter?

Learning how to operate a clamp meter is easy and straightforward. You are already halfway there if you know how to operate a general-purpose multimeter.

But, it is important to know the slight differences between them, which will help you make informed decisions while testing and troubleshooting.

A professional technician knows both how a clamp meter works and how best to use it in a work environment.

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