DEWALT DW089LG Green Laser Level Review

Are you interested in taking your construction business to the next level? Then consider using the Dewalt DW089LG Green Laser Level.

The DW089LG can generate three 360-degree green beam lasers, allowing you to accomplish any type of level, plumb, or square jobs.

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Dewalt DW088K Review: Best Cross Line Laser Level?

Looking for a laser level that is compact, versatile, accurate, and user-friendly?

If so, your search is over because the Dewalt DW088K Self-Leveling Cross Line Laser is all of that.


DEWALT DW088K Laser Level Review

This laser level projects bright vertical and horizontal lines that cross with each other for various leveling and layout applications. It is designed to be used with the DW0892 line laser detector to extend its range up to 165 feet.

Since the Dewalt DW088K only has 2 buttons to operate the horizontal and vertical laser beams, it is not complicated to use. The laser beams are bright and accurate to not only get the job done but get the job done right.

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DEWALT DW089K – Best Choice of 3-Beam Line Laser Level

DEWALT DW089K Laser Level Review

DEWALT has done it again. With the release of Dewalt DW089K Self-Leveling 3-Beam Line Laser, the construction industry has a new tool for better lay outing jobs.

The best thing about it is, like other tools from DEWALT. Whether you are mapping out layouts for cabinets, door or windows, or you simply want to check for “squareness” of your cement walls or your floor tiles, Dewalt Laser Level DW089K is a must-have.

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How to Calibrate a DeWalt Laser Level?

Level calibration is an integral aspect of the civil industry in leveling projects in accordance to the measurements indicated in the blueprint. It is critical to keep your laser level properly calibrated to ensure accuracy and quality of your construction work within the expected standards. Faulty calibration could lead to negative or even disastrous outcome costing your reputation and yielding financial wastage.

How to Calibrate a DeWalt Laser Level

Why Should I Re-calibrate My Laser Level?

Acquiring a DeWalt laser level is a valuable investment, and it is also necessary for you to learn how to calibrate it when the manufacturer’s default calibration deviates from your working standard.

Upon purchasing your laser level, part of knowing how to use the device include checking if it is calibrated accordingly for it may have been affected by shipping and handling. This is necessary to ensure precise accuracy in the delivery of your services to avoid unnecessary disasters which may arise even from a very minimal fault or deviation in calibration.

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DEWALT DW088LG Green Cross Line Laser Level Review

Want to find a laser level that helps improve efficiency on your construction projects? So the Dewalt DW088LG Cross Line Green Laser Level can be the best choice for you.

With the green laser diodes, you will get a greater visible range of about 100 feet, which is more visible compared to red laser diodes. Furthermore, with the 12V lithium-ion battery compatibility, you will have long lasting battery time.Dewalt DW088LG Green Laser Level [Read more…]

DEWALT DW079KD Self-Leveling Rotary Laser Level Kit Review

Dewalt DW079KD is a Cordless Rotary Laser Level Kit that helps in making the leveling work easier. It is an 18V exterior and interior rotary laser kit with a laser detector and wireless remote control.

The device can be used very effectively on different exterior and interior installation and layout projects. Being a self-leveling rotary kit, the Dewalt DW079KD is entirely automatic horizontal and vertical laser. With included digital laser detector, its working range is increased up to 1,500 ft.

DEWALT DW079KD Rotary Laser Review

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DEWALT DW087K Laser Level: Withstanding the Test of Time

DEWALT DW087K Review

From its initial release in July 2004, the Dewalt DW087K Laser Level remains one of the best tools for leveling and aligning in construction projects.

While a number of innovations to the original laser level has been released by DEWALT, the original DW087K is still a go-to product for many construction companies because of its simplicity.

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