How To Use A Clamp Meter?

So, you have met the clamp meter, the superstar of all multimeters that everyone’s talking about?

And are now looking for a guide that will help you use it properly to measure AC and DC amps?

You want to own it, but it makes sense to first see how the thing works, right?

Well, you have come to the right place. This is the ultimate guide on how to use a clamp meter, structured keeping first-time users and beginners in mind.

How to Use Clamp Meter?

Learning how to operate a clamp meter is easy and straightforward. You are already halfway there if you know how to operate a general-purpose multimeter.

But, it is important to know the slight differences between them, which will help you make informed decisions while testing and troubleshooting.

A professional technician knows both how a clamp meter works and how best to use it in a work environment.

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How to Choose The Best Clamp Meter?

The mark of a professional electrician is that he upgrades his tools based on latest industry standards.

He keeps himself up-to-date with current news about technologies in the field and tries to incorporate them into his own work.

Anyone can go around with a multimeter but only a proficient electrician will carry and know how to use a clamp meter.

How To Choose Best Clamp Meter?

Clamp meters have been around for years and yet most electricians still depend on the humble multimeter for current measurements.

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Top Frequently Asked Questions About Laser Measure

1 – What is a Laser Measure?

A laser measure or laser distance meter is a handheld device, which uses a laser beam to measure the distance between two objects.

Each laser distance measure will have an accuracy and range that it can cover with its laser beam. You would always want to get a model with better accuracy and still delivers the best range for various applications.

How does a laser measure work?

Learn more: Laser Measure Buyer Guide Infographic

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Top Frequently Asked Questions About Oscillating Multi Tool

If you are interested in buying an oscillating multi tool, the following frequently asked questions will help you with a better understanding of the tool.

What is an oscillating multi tool?

1 – What is An Oscillating Multi Tool Used For?

An oscillating multi tool is one of the most interchangeable, versatile tools ever created. They are mostly used for sawing, polishing, cutting, sanding, scraping and grinding.

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How To Use A Laser Level For Laying Tiles?

Laying floor tiles is one of the deceptively easy tasks. Yes, it looks difficult and a bit overwhelming for a DIYer to accomplish.

But if you follow right steps and use the right tools, especially with a laser square (also called tile laser level), you can do it with ease.

How to use a laser level for laying floor tile

Now, before we move on to tile installation process, let’s take a look at the necessary tools and materials needed to accomplish the task.

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How to use laser level for marking ceilings?

Marking ceilings for myriads of purposes is a daunting task.

With your neck craned backward, it is always difficult to ascertain that whether the lines or markings you have made are aligned, straight and clean.

And, add the task of using old fashioned ruler while perched on the ladder, you have a task which needs some serious patience and determination.

How to mark a straight line on a ceiling?
How to mark a straight line on a ceiling?

However, it doesn’t have to be that hard especially if you use laser levels for marking ceiling. And, if you are an electrician and have to work on ceilings on the daily basis, a laser level is a must for you.

The cross line laser level makes a lot of archaic tools and long stretched steps redundant. It radically improves the quality of the markings and accuracy would certainly be off the charts as you take the possibility of manual errors out of the process.

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Five Basic Rules to Follow While Dealing With a Laser Level

The advent of certain surveying tools simply makes our surveying and construction experience better and easier, when working manually was challenging and crucial.

With the invention of these tools, a revolutionary change took place in the construction industry and a new era has just begun and the laser level is one of them.

With the invention of this versatile tool, leveling receives a new dimension. Those days have passed away, when struggling with a scale for appropriate leveling was in fashion.

Rules to use Laser Level

You no longer need the help of others for the appropriate leveling of your dropped ceiling, what you need to do is to pick the right laser level for performing the task.

Even several updated and useful attributes are added to make the tool smarter and more functional.

A laser level is equally beneficial for both the industry and DIY work and without a laser level, a toolkit is simply incomplete.

But, only having and using a level is not enough, for getting the most of it, you should consider some basic rules below.

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How To Paint Stripes on a Wall Using Laser Levels

No doubt that laser levels are one of the best inventions for construction work making things a lot easier and quicker.

For DIYers as well as professionals, laser levels have a lot of uses, and one of those that we are going to discuss is using laser levels to paint stripes.

The fact that stripes hardly go out of fashion makes them ones of the best ways to decorate your wall.

Let’s look at the steps to make a beautiful striped wall with the help of the laser level.

Use laser level to paint stripes

Things you will need

  1. Paint of your choice
  2. Paint brushes and rollers
  3. Paper towel or a drop cloth
  4. Painter’s tape
  5. Laser level
  6. Pencil
  7. Tape Measure
  8. Ladder

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