Best Dot Laser Levels 2017 – Ultimate Reviews

The best dot laser level is something that helps a user manage all alignment, plumbing, and leveling requirements easily.

Whether it is for a trivial indoor job or outdoor application, the best dot laser has to take care of most basic requirements.

It should have useful features, should last longer since the applications are often heavy duty, has to be reasonably priced, and should come with a decent warranty period.

Based on such essential parameters, following are two lists featuring the best dot laser levels that we have bought, used, analyzed, and reviewed over a period of two weeks.

Best 3 Point Laser Levels

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15 Amazing Tips To Keep Your House Warm This Winter

Winter is here already, the sensation that comes with it is felt day after day. Somehow, winter brings us closer to our family, don’t you think so too?

However, even at that, numerous problems are evident in this season, especially in our homes. The house becomes cold, and it seems so hard to get as warm as we require most times.

The tiles, floor, windows, tables and other house appliances even feel winter if I can say. In fact, my pipes are not left out; they sometimes froze too during this season.

I am sure the question on your mind now is how to keep your house warm and comfortable during winter to avoid health issues that accompany this season.

If you have difficulties in keeping your home warm or wish to learn other effective ways to combat the chills of winter within your home, you are in the right place.

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Pacific Laser Systems PLS-4: Versatility And Precision At Your Fingertips

PLS 4 Laser System Review

The Pacific Laser Systems PLS-4 can help make onsite layouts faster. PLS 4 Laser Level is a professional and low-cost precision laser.

This laser level is equipped with a crisp and bright laser beam that is cross line accurate to 1/8” at 30 feet and point-to-point accurate to 1/4″ at 100 feet.

The PLS 4 Laser utilizes high quality optical glass. It also has a dirt resistant case and is very thrifty with its power supply making it reliable in any construction site.

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Top 5 Tile Cutting Tools – The Ultimate Guide on How To Cut Tiles

Installing shiny new ceramic tiles can be a daunting task when you lack the right tools. The process involves different forms of tile cutting like straight, curved, or diagonal.

Most people find it easy when making straight cutting, although curved, corner and diagonal ceramic tile cutting is always a problem.

While remodeling my bathroom shower floor, I had to make circular cutting for water outlet spaces and L-curve cutting for the corner spaces. The task needed various tile cutting tools.

As a DIYer or professional homebuilder, you will most likely find yourself in the same predicament. With the following tile cutting tools, you should manage to cut your tiles in any shapes and styles.

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DEWALT DWE315K Corded Oscillating Tool – A Perfect Multi Tool For DIY

The DEWALT DWE315K Corded Oscillating Tool Kit features a powerful 3.0-amp motor that provides a strong performance for niche sanding and cutting.

The tool can be a great investment towards nurturing your hobby as a professional DIYer or an occasional home builder. It is an all-rounder tool for doing multiple works in a project.

DEWALT DWE315K Oscillating Tool Kit

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Best Oscillating Multi Tools – Reviews & Comparison

If you’re a construction professional or an enthusiastic do-it-yourself amateur you probably already know at least a little bit about oscillating multi-tool kits.

“Oscillating” is a fancy word for what you may simply call a “power tool.” Yes, an oscillating multi-tool is an electrically-charged “workhorse” that enables you to handle a broad variety of tasks easily and competently.

And in this article, you’ll learn all about the best oscillating multi tools and how it can help you around the house or at a construction work site.

Best Oscillating Multi Tools Reviews

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Bosch vs Leica: Which Is The Best Laser Measure To Buy?

With the ever-increasing demands of the construction sites, there is the need to get the right tools that can help overcome such demands. The use of a laser measure has been on the rise for a while now. It is something that you could benefit from when it always seems hard to get the accurate measurements between various points.

Well, now that you know about the laser measure, you might now be thinking which models would be the best laser measure to buy.

Consider top-rated laser measures from 2 manufacturers: Bosch and Leica, below is a thorough comparison of two models from the two companies, which will give you the right features at an affordable rate.

bosch vs leica laser measure review

Check out my main content in this article:

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Best Laser Level Detector 2017

Working without right tools is like working with one hand tied behind your back. Now take a case of laser level, which is a cool gadget that has made construction easy. However, it has certain limitations regarding conditions it can operate in.

Sometimes the distance and lighting conditions make it difficult to see the laser beam. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t use the laser level in such situations.

All you need is a laser detector (or laser receiver) to locate the laser beam. The best laser detector will make it very easy for you to use the laser level even in the murkiest or brightest of lighting conditions.

Best Laser Level Detectors

Some of the best laser detectors available in the market are:

Best Laser Level Detectors For Line Laser Levels

1 – Dewalt DW0892G Line Laser Detector, Green

Dewalt DW0892G laser detector for green beam laser is another excellent product from Dewalt, which has been a worldwide brand of power tools and hand tools since 1924.

Like other products by this brand, this laser detector delivers on its promise of quality and precision. It can deliver precise results for all your horizontal and vertical applications.

DEWALT DW0892G Laser Detector, Green

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